Friday, September 29, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday

It's not actually my birthday yet, but since my parents were in town we had a little birthday gathering last night. My parents, my MIL & FIL. Mom and Dad gave me yarn money. MIL/FIL gave me a new suit. A birthday suit, hooray! It's a long story, but my MIL worked for Daytons/Marshall Fields (now Macy's) for years and years. Part of her retirement is that she gets her employee discount for life. Since Macy's has ridden into town, they have declared that their sales associates will only wear black. When D/MF had to sell off all the brands that Macy's doesn't carry, they set aside all the black suits for sales associates to buy at a huge discount so that they could comply with the new all black all the time rule. One of her former co-workers called my MIL and told her about the black suit sale and told her she could get in on the deals as a retired associate. So she bought a black suit for herself and one for me! This is great because I wear suits 2-4 times a week at "the firm". So I have a beautiful new Anne Klein suit.

I haven't really knit at all this week and I realized this morning that I am literally drowning in UFOs. We are talking the little men descending from the craft to take me away and perform Martian experiments on me. I have my Sunrise Circle Jacket, a hooded tunic for my nephew, a Lizard Ridge square, a Grandma Purl square, the final poncho, a Fair Isle hat. So this weekend I am committed to finishing something, anything.

I just joined the Lizard Ridge KAL. Maybe this will be the KAL where I actually finish the project! I'm down to three finished squares because I just committed two to Stephania's LR Afghans for Afghans project. Thanks to Chris for directing me to the site. (BTW Chris, I still haven't received an e-mail with your address to send you your prize!)

In other news, I have a devious plan for outing Roger Clinton. It involves a picture of the suspected RC. I am waiting to receive the picture and then I will post. The picture is of the suspected RC and contains knitting. More later, but a note to all my blog friends, have you ever gotten a comment from Roger Clinton on your blog? This information will help me in my Nancy Drew efforts.

As much as I enjoy reading about knitting and writing about knitting. I better get to the actual knitting.


Zarah said...

Yippee for nice, cheap suits! What this business about Roger Clinton?

Sheepish Annie said...

Roger has kept his distance from The Sheep. No clues to be had here.

Happy not-birthday and congrats on the suit and yarn scores. Clothes and yarn are my two favorite gifties!!

Chris said...

Happy early birthday!! And, really, I did send the email before, on 9/25. I just forwarded it to you again. Really! I did!!

Guinifer said...

Happy birthday and no RC for me.

Beth said...

Happy "almost" birthday! I'd love to see a picture of your new suit!

No RC action here, either.

Knittymama said...

No RC here, but now I'm curious!

Happy almost-birthday:-)

Anonymous said...

What if I out myself first? Kind of like the feeble old timer that turned out to be Deep Throat? That would take the ring out of your Nancy Drew bell, eh? You have less than 48 hours. RC

Linda @ Yarnzilla said...

Hi, Kate! Thanks for reminding me how blown away I was by Lizard Ridge -- I loved it when I saw it on Knitty, and then promptly forgot all about it. You've reawakened my desire to knit it. You and I must talk after your birthday . . . if possible, please plan to spend an entire lunch hour at Yarnzilla, because that's about how long the rehashing is going to take . . . Happy Birthday!