Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dreams Do Come True

I could get into the whole spooky Irish women dreaming thing, but I won't. I'll just say, last Tuesday's dream has come true, my friends had their first baby two weeks early on Monday. I knit like a fiend all day on Monday in a feeble attempt to finish the baby sweater, but only have the back done.

See the sweet little section that looks like smocking? It's all slipped stitches, but looks like something far more complicated. I have to do the short row neck shaping. The instructions in the pattern completely freaked me out, but I swatched it yesterday and I think I'm okay. The problem is I don't see myself getting a lot of time to knit in the next couple of days. Part of me wishes I'd chosen a simpler pattern in worsted weight. This one has a full skirt, is knit in pieces and on number 4 needles. I know it will be worth it when it's done, but right now I'm worried about finishing it before the kid is too big to wear it.

I could have knit more last weekend, but I was busy painting and doing a little minor redecorating in the living room. The living room had been dominated by our old 43" "big screen" t.v. and a giant oak cabinet that surrounded it. I couldn't rearrange the furniture too much because of it and I was sick of living room being dominated by a t.v. The offending t.v. has been moved into my son's room, the giant cabinet broken up into manageable pieces, and my living room looks bigger and warmer and wonderful. I love it. It will be the perfect place to knit by the fire and listen to music. My son is very happy with the huge t.v. which is a good thing because my husband and son have vowed they are never moving it again.

Yesterday was restful and quiet. However, there are some in this house that are against the boy going back to school. Someone was lonely and restless and a little cranky. I'm not naming names but she has really big ears.

Was that the door? Is that my boy coming home?


Beth said...

The sweater is wonderful! They'll love it whenever you give it to them. It's so sweet.

I'm glad to see a BHFH picture. I've been wondering how the sweet darling is doing.

Chris said...

That sweater is already really cute - knit like the wind, every chance you get!

Was Mr Big Ears happy when the Boy returned?

Guinifer said...

Sweater? Adorable.
Dog? Adorable.
Large TV? Gone
Boy? School.
Something tells me you'll find that knitting time!

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, poor puppy! There is nothing more heart rending that a dog waiting for his boy.

Love the sweater! Nice work.

Sydney said...

Poor pup! It's hard waiting for your boy.

That sweater is so cute.