Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quick Note

I'm hitting the road today for work. You know how I love that. Yesterday I was at Needlework Unlimited and I noticed a flyer for the Minnesota Knit Out. It's in my neighborhood at Brookdale Mall. Yes, truly the Mall where the hookers shop (and I'm not talkin' crochet here people).

I try to shop at Brookdale but other than the Barnes & Noble and my pal Shawn's Subway, there isn't much for a forty-something. I'm on a Macy's boycott because I'm not over the loss of Daytons. (Yeah, I know that was two acquisitions ago, but I was really attached) If someone sees me walking into Forever 21, they should tackle me. I'm not 21 and 40-somethings that want to dress like they are 21 just look a little sad. There is even one store called K-something that has to be where the hookers shop. If all the hookers and drag queens in town get invited to Ascot to enjoy the races with the Queen, they definitely need to make a stop at K-whatever to buy shiny cheap satin dresses with big matching hats. Get some satin pumps dyed mint green to match. Oh, but if you need really expensive cool sneakers, there are about 4 or 5 stores that sell them. So as much as I try to boost my little town's economy, there isn't much for me to buy at Brookdale other than books at the B&N and hoodies at Steve & Barrys.

That being said, I'm really excited that knitters are coming to my neck of the woods. Some will have to pack their Louis Vuitton bags and venture north of 394 for the first time ever. Some will have to cross the river! I love my crazy little neighborhood where diversity rules and you can't go anywhere without running into someone you know. So I'm hoping to see you here on October 8th.


Chris said...

Gosh, after that plug for Brookdale, who will be able to resist?! LOL.

Debby said...

I'm posting this late, but just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed the look back and cringe photos and contest. As bad as some of the 80s fashions were, they will be a welcome relief from the endless 70s bohemian looks that have been popular from 1990 on. Though I never could get that big hair that I wanted in the 80s, sigh.

Hope you are feeling better. The allergy season this fall is just miserable -- great excuse for knitting!

Sheepish Annie said...

I'd love to do a knit-out! Sadly, there are none around here that I know of and I'm thinking it might be something of a commute to get over to the Brookdale Mall...what with a good chunk of the country between me and it! Have fun!

Guinifer said...

Sadly, Brookdale has had it's issues for many years now. I'm afraid Southdale and Ridgedale have their own problems as well.

I didn't post any 80's pictures, but I have to share this 80's music podcast with you: http://cruelnailsradio.jellycast.com/

They are three episodes currently, one is called "It's Raining 80's", and it has every flashback song you could possibly want on it. It's up to Holiday by Madonna right now, but it started with "Video Killed the Radio Star" and even makes a stop at Valley Girl and Eileen - check it out!

Kelly said...

Never done the knit out. Unfortunately that will be right after my move. Next time. Loved the look back and cringe, BTW.

Sydney said...

The yarn store in Huntsville, AL used to be in a very, umm..., interesting strip mall. Nice yarn store but the location used to crack me up.