Friday, September 08, 2006

From Tinking to Full Out Frogging

This little tiny lace panel on the Samantha sweater is completely kicking my ass. I've tinked back 7 or 8 times. Its an easy pattern, I just keep forgetting to YO and it looks horrible.

So I'm going to frog it all back and re-knit it. I've had more time for knitting than I thought I would as my eye is acting up and I missed work because of it. I'm very frustrated by my complete inability to keep track of this. There isn't a chart, probably because most people wouldn't need one to do alternating yo's up the side of a button band. It's a four row repeating pattern that you knit 12 times. I was using check marks on the pattern. It worked fine for a while, but apparently knitting ADD kicked in and I blew it. Over and over again.

Any advice?


Chris said...

Are you using a marker to remind you to do the YO? I always have to.

Sorry to hear about your eye. :(

renee said...

Another idea is to type the four rows up, then copy and paste so you have all of the repeats and then can check them off line by line or else number them and use a counter to keep track of which row you're on. I love kacha kacha counters!

Hope your eye is feeling better soon!

Beth said...

I hope your eye gets better quickly.

Don't feel bad. I have to write everything out when there are repeating rowns. For the Central Park Hoodie I'm knitting, I did what Renee suggested. The pattern repeated every 4th row five times. I wrote down 1,2,3,4 five times then crossed them off as I knit them.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, I feel your pain!!! Even the most repetitive of patterns just throws me every couple of rows. I've tried any number of strategies but, for me at least, it all boils down to focusing at a superhuman level! Good luck!

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, poor you, I know what you're going though! I love lace knitting, but I'm also always forgetting yarn overs and then have to tink back! But you'll make it, and in the end it'll be so worth the hassles you're going through right now! Thumbs up!

Wendy said...

Kate (ex secret pal, lol)
I've been to the frog pond often this week. I feel your pain! I kept forgetting the yarn overs on my sampler M. Also, Wanted to let you know I got my package today. I'll be posting about it this weekend. A big THANK YOU!!!

Guinifer said...

Me too - I frogged five inches last night - lucky for me I'm on size 11's for a silly little cardi I'm knitting so it didn't hurt too badly.

Sometimes, I just need a really good nights sleep and a fresh approach to troublesome projects.

Hope the eye improves.