Monday, September 25, 2006

End of Look Back and Cringe

Yesterday was the official end to Look Back and Cringe. If I missed your entry, let me know. I'll choose a winner via random number and post tonight.

Blatantly disregarding The Sheep's warning about knitting on cold medication, Ispent most of the weekend in bed with a fever, knitting and watching Gilmore Girls the Complete 6th season. One thing I can tell you, the cold medication really takes the edge of the frogging. I was trying to make a simple square for Grandma Purl. I wanted to make it washable because I generally believe that afghans should be washable (that's why I'm doing a giant Kureyon afghan for my first one?! what's wrong with me? No, really) and I wanted happy colors. I remembered that I had some Koigu in the stash that I bought just because of it's really happy colors. It seemed like the perfect choice for an afghan square. Since it's a simple square what better way to try out some of the patterns from Vogue Knitting's Stitchionary? Getting gauge so that this square is exactly 8 inches was a royal pain. After frogging twice, I think I have it.

Happy or what? I like the pattern, it's number 85 from the stitchionary, granite relief stitch. Even with all the frogging, I really like the Koigu too. It holds up great to frogging and I like the fabric it creates. Now I'm thinking about a Koigu sweater in this same pattern stitch. I'm envisioning something top down with slit sleeves and fitted. All the Koigu sweater patterns I found on the internet were well, fugly. Many were modular knitting and had this "look at what a clever knitter I am" look rather than being really wearable. We'll see. I did the preliminary math and a little sketch, but I was on cold medication.

I also did a couple of these:
Each time I do a square I'm sure that "this one is my favorite". Five down, 19 more to go.


Guinifer said...

These are so awesome - how will you assemble it?

Beth said...

Each one is beautiful! I also like your Koigu afghan square. I can see why you want a sweater from it - it's so pretty!

Chris said...

Gorgeous! You were damn productive for being sick. Hope you're feeling better.

Sheepish Annie said...

Those cold meds surely do take the pain out of un-knitting. And stubbing your toe...and paying bills...lots of stuff. Your projects are looking good, though, and I love the colors!

Kate said...

To Guinfer,
The pattern says to ssw the squares together with Cascade 220 or another multi-plied yarn that doesn't break as easily as the Kureyon.