Friday, August 04, 2006

In Which I Discover I Can't Blog Without Pictures

And no one reads my blog when there are no pictures. But I was off work today and I finally got batteries for my camera. Here is what I've been knitting:

I can't tell you what it is right now because it is going to be a gift for my Secret Pal. Just in case she's Nancy Drewed me and reads the blog. But it is Cascade 220 Quatro in a great purpley, fushia, green colorway. I really love Cascade 220.

I'm an idiot. I finished the Noro Booga bag last weekend and gifted it to MFF's daughter without taking pictures. The Noro felts up so soft and wonderfully that I will use it again. Not nice to knit with because it's kinda scratchy. Because of it's thick, thin random ply I don't think I'd ever use it for a sweater, but I loved the bag.

So Scout asked everyone to flash their UFOs. I have more, but here is a good start:

No, that is not a lime green snake, it's the start of a baby sweater. And on the right, the final poncho of the year. Yes, absolutely no more ponchos. (And if you are Argentina spam commentor, yeah I know what a poncho is.) These are fairly new WIP/UFOs. Older and sadder:

A lace shawl (unblocked) from "A Knitters Stash" and the body of the Twinkle cardigan from the cover of Vogue Knitting about a gazillion issues ago.

I also have a Picovoli on my needles. I can't finish any of this stuff right now because I'm on a little crunch. I have two SP projects to finish and the baby sweater all in August. So they are getting my full knitting attention.

In other news this week, I cut off all my hair. On my lunch hour. On a whim. As my stylist Lana said, "it takes a really ballsy chick to decide to cut off six inches of hair at lunch". I'm so happy with it. My longer hair was just too much. I couldn't get it to look right ever because one of the symptoms of Graves is dry, brittle hair. So there wasn't enough Frizz Ease in the world to get my hair to look good.

I also finally got to pick out my car specifications. I've had a deposit down on my new car since March, but the specs haven't been available to dealers until recently. The lease on my van is up (we've extended it for a couple months) and I have to turn it in. I'll be glad to have a car that doesn't cost $50 to fill with gas. The new car is my midlife crisis car, a VW Eos convertible.

I have to go sell bottled water and such at a baseball tourney. More tomorrow. Really.


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, the gas!!!! I bought an SUV last year just before gas prices jumped. (sigh) It made sense given the horrid commutes I'd had the previous winter, but...oh the gas!!!

Knittymama said...

Aw, Kate, we still love ya' w/out the pictures!

Are you SURE that's the last poncho??

Amy said...

I love my midlife VW Bug, so I hope you love your midlife car! And Cascade 220--what a great yarn.

Chris said...

Oh, that's a cute car! And very brave with the hair! Alas, when I got my hair cut short (above my shoulders by an inch or two, all I discovered is that short hair is SO wrong for my face...