Tuesday, August 15, 2006

. . . But You Totally Rock

I know two posts in a day might seem excessive. I may have nothing left tomorrow morning during my usual writing time, but I'm taking that chance.

I don't have the most popular blog in knitting-land, but I definitely have the best readers/comments. I've noticed a lot of finger shaking and lunch-room-lady tendencies in blogland lately but I don't see it on my blog. You know the lunch-room-ladies. They were the women who monitored your lunch hour in elementary school. They weren't the boss of anything anywhere in any other aspect of their lives, but boy get them to keep order over a couple hundred kids and they could have been guards in a prison camp. Power mad and bossy. And then they went home to husbands who wouldn't let them cut their hair short. You know the type. There is one on every committee you've ever been on. They raise their hands in continuing ed classes just so the instructor knows how much they know. They love to correct other people's grammar. They seem to be leaving a lot of comments on blogs lately.

Maybe it's that I rarely talk about anything controversial. I've got plenty of opinions on controversial subjects, but I don't think this is the place for them. I'd rather fight with my dad about them over a nice dinner. Maybe I just don't attract that particular blog reader. Thank God! These are the people leaving comments how your cat is going to die because they ate a plant. These are the people saying, "well I'm sure you've checked the copyright laws on that". These are the people talking about how bats in your house are going to give your babies rabies. These are the people tellling you that ponchos are from Argentina and since I'm from Argentina, I can tell you definitively, that's not a poncho (okay that was a comment on my blog but it was just the one). You all are like a great family that never comes to stay or expects great birthday gifts.

This is a good thing since I told my real family today that the idea of renting a house with all of them and their various small children, to take a vacation, made me want to tear out my hair. I think the phrase, "how 'bout instead of that, you just run me over with my own car?" was used. I may be out of the big loud Irish family I belong to. We'll see.

My readers/commenters are great. You tell me, sure thing, you can do it/meet the deadline/make 4 fair isle hats without going nuts/break your yarn diet for a good cause. You guys tell me I'm not all that crazy, just a little nuts compared to them (thanks Laurie, you always make me feel better about my current levels of crazy). You give me great suggestions on my projects. You make me feel as though yes, I'm an accident waiting to happen, but a minor accident not an insurance claim accident.

Chris, Trek, Sydney, Beth, Becca, Annie, Anne, Laurie, Laura, Tygher, Wendy, Renee, Guinifer, Amy, Kelly and all the rest, you guys really rock. Thanks for not being lunch room ladies.


Sheepish Annie said...

I'm with you on this one! Just because bloggers are "living out loud" doesn't mean that we have painted targets on our heads. It is kinda devastating to put something out there with tentative pride and have it publically pooped upon. (I've had it happen...) Common courtesy has a place even on these here internets. But I gotta say, I really do like those hats! ;)

Guinifer said...

I don't get enough visitors for lunchroom ladies - can we make a button that says "No Lunchroom Ladies allowed"?

QoE said...

I was going to imitate a "lunchroom lady" here, but I just can't do it ;-D -- I just want to let you know that I would adopt you into our loud and crazy family if your family tosses you. I would never ask you or any of my kids to spend their vacation with me (even though I love them and their kids a lot!)

Beth said...

I haven't seen that behavior on any blogs, so I must not be reading the same ones as the lunch ladies. :)

Your blog makes me laugh and smile. I love the crazy antics of the BHFH (even though all the yarn stealing must drive you crazy). And I still think of your list of middle-age maladies whenever I find a stray hair or a new wrinkle.

Deb said...

You really should have the wax beans honey - they are good for you.

Chris said...

Aw... Y'know, some of them there desserts, they'll stick to the ceiling, given enough force from a fork. :)

renee said...

Awww.. So sweet! That was a nice post to read today after I was chastised by a "friend" about spending too much money on yarn. Now I'll just think of her as a lunch lady and pity her :-)

I've gotta go to Brainerd for work tomorrow. I should be home well before 7:00, but if you want me to give you a call if I run into a problem, email me your phone number.

Knittymama said...

Oh, that was so nice to read! Right back attcha!

Good for you on the vacation choice. My Dad and uncles once had the brilliant idea of taking them, wives, and teenage daughters all to a resort for a week. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Sydney said...

Lunch room ladies, I like that term!

Hehe.. A week with the extended family would be a real test for how well you all get along, that's for sure. :)

And if I turn into a lunch room ladies, it's okay to go ahead and give me a virtual smack.