Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Christmas Rush

I'm freaking out about Christmas. Mainly because I've veered off the gift path by knitting the $9 cardigan. I have a lot to do. There are the fair isle hats to finish. There are bags, sweaters, and felted slippers. If I really think about it hard there could well be a cashmere scarf. I'm getting that freaked-out, I don't have enough time feeling and it is not yet September 1st.

Labor Day weekend should be good. I can do a lot of knitting in three days. Right? This weekend I'm going to finish the little scarf/shawl for my MIL and get my final gifts to my pals sent. I am also going to finish the cardigan. It's cropped so I only have a couple inches of the body to finish and the sleeves.
I'm a little worried. I know I don't have enough yarn to make this with the long sleeves in the pattern, but I'm running through the yarn pretty quickly. In my mind I'm going from 3/4 sleeves, to elbow length, to short. We'll see what how much yarn I have. The sleeves will be a mystery until I get started on them.

I didn't knit in my first steering committee meeting. I was busy trying to dry off. Just as I left the house last night it started pouring. The wind drove the rain sideways and I got drenched on the way to and from the car. So after my whole chest-puffed-out "I'm a prominent citizen" feelings yesterday, when I arrived to the meeting I was just some drippy drowned rat. Mother Nature making sure I don't get too big for my britches.


Deb said...

Yeah - that rain was something last night. As for Christmas're way ahead of me to even be thinking about it!

renee said...

You're making great progress on the cardigan!

Sheepish Annie said...

In the world of The Sheep it wouldn't be Christmas if I wasn't frantically knitting at 2:00 on Christmas morning in a futile attempt to finish that last item or cutting tags out of purchased sweaters for an ill-disguised "fake-out." I envy those who plan ahead. And hey, even a soggy steering committee member is a member. There were plenty of dry people who weren't invited to attend!

Chris said...

Oh no, I can't bear it if we need to start worrying about Christmas knitting already!

I saw water shooting UP out of a storm drain in a nice little geyser last night. Yikes.

Guinifer said...

The cardi looks great! I missed out on much knitting last night 'cause I was out rescuing some near drowning 10-year-old football players! Luckily, their helmets floated.

Beth said...

If you need more yarn for the cardigan, let me know and I'll check at one of the Joann's near me. Maybe they would have some of the same dye lot. The cardigan is looking great!