Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wonderings (and I know a secret)

Yes, I'm a pretty good Super Snooper.

I've figured out my OSSP is Wendy DG. She has sent me the most wonderful gifts, commented on my blog, sent e-cards, etc. In other words, she's been the perfect pal. I don't know how she completes so many projects in wool while living in Florida (just thinking about it makes me sweat) but she certainly does.

I've always been naturally curious. It's in keeping with my personality that I've Nancy Drewed out who my pals are. I wonder about a lot of things. Here are some of the things I wonder about right now.

  • Will I ever feel like I've bought enough yarn? I mean really I've given up shopping for anything else and my wardrobe is starting to reflect this.
  • Why is Paris Hilton famous? Has she accomplished anything? Made the world a better place? Will teenagers stop dressing like her? Now, please?!
  • What does the cat think when he sees me coming out of the shower? Is he worried about my lack of fur?
  • Why does Hollywood make sequels to really awful movies starring The Rock and Jean Claude Van Damme but doesn't make sequels to movies like "Running Scared" (too late now on that one) or "The Librarian"?
  • Does Meg Ryan know that we are so distracted by her new lips that we can't watch her anymore? Does she secretly hate her new lips too?
  • Why is it that women will get botoxed or have their lips puffed up like the Goodyear blimp but won't change their hairstyle?
  • When I cut my hair short and women say to me, "my husband would never let me cut my hair that short!", do they realize that their problem isn't their hair, it's their husband?
  • Why is it that I have virtually no trees in my yard and yet baby trees keep popping up in odd places that make it really hard to get rid of them?
  • Will I ever get around to getting rid of the baby trees?
  • Is it really less filling or does it have more taste?
  • Does anyone else see a correlation between coffee shops serving really strong coffee on every corner and acid reflux disease? Do the Starbucks guys also own Prilosec?

Yeah, these are the things I wonder about. Not world peace or learning about chaos theory, I wonder who invented Cheetos. I'm not deep, but I'm diverse.


trek said...

If I had the energy, I'd be ROFLMAO - let's just say I'm grinning now.

Thanks for the well wishes for my Neatnik.

Guinifer said...

I feel the pain on the whole Meg Ryan issue - she just couldn't age with grace, could she? Thin lips never hurt Kate Hepburn any!

Chris said...

Hee hee - that's quite a list.

I hadn't heard about the Meg Ryan thing (remember, I don't watch tv)... now I'm very afraid...

Anonymous said...

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Sheepish Annie said...

Oh lord...now I won't sleep for days. (althought I think I'm pretty sure I can keep Paris from invading my thoughts. She's a cyborg. I already knew that.)

Wendy DG said...

You will notice that all of my projects are small. No big woolen afghans for me! Plus, while it's hotter than hell in Florida, we love our air conditioning - perfect for socks.

I'm so impressed that you figured me out. I was thinking about trying to figure out who my SPs are, but when I tried to think about that AND your list of ponderings, I got a headache.

I believe The Rock, Jean Claude, and Paris are actually different cyborg bodies with the same interchangeable brain.

Anonymous said...

First of all... is anyone reading knitting blogs looking for a way to find extra cash? Really? I would never think to start a job hunt here. Second, I like movies with The Rock. He was fabulous as the gay bodyguard in Be Cool, for example. The remake of Walking Tall was good, so was the one where he chases the kid that plays Stiffler through the jungle. Lastly, I think your search for who invented Cheetos may, in fact, be related to the understanding of chaos theory. I always wonder things like who was the first person to dig up a potato and decide "Hey, I'm gonna eat this!".
I've said my piece. R. Clinton