Thursday, August 17, 2006

My First Knit Night & Life with a Famous Blog-Dog

First things first. Since Renee won my sock contest (why I don't knit socks, convince me) I e-mailed her and asked for her address. She responded, why don't we just get together and knit? My response was, absolutely! She invited me to her regular Wednesday knit night at Nina's in St. Paul.

If you aren't from the Twin Cities, you must understand that they aren't really twins at all. The Mississippi River divides the two cities and if you grow up on the east side you stay, if you grow up a westsider, you stay there. I don't honestly know how my family ended up on the west side of the river where everyone is Scandinavian. Stoic. Quiet. My family is loud and opinionated and mostly raving democrats. They should have made the trip all the way across the river. But they hit the northwestern 'burbs of Mpls and stayed there. I know people here in Minneapolis that go to St. Paul once a year for the state fair and that's it. I know Mpls people who went to St. Paul to visit the Science Museum in fifth grade and haven't crossed the river since. I have always had clients and prospective clients in St. Paul so it is NBD to me, I'm there a few times every month, but you have to understand if you don't live here, it's a big deal for most.

So I went to Nina's tonight with a little apprehension. I've never attended a knit night before. The only other knit night I've been invited to was one in a very high end 'burb and I just knew I would have nothing in common with anyone, so I didn't go. (Kate, you should come to the knit night in Edina and we can all laugh at your mini van and your clearance rack outfits! Yeah, that would be great! How about, no.) After reading Renee's blog the last few months, I knew I would have things in common with her and her friends, but still. This is an established group, would a newcomer really be welcome? They were fantastic. Funny, smart, opinionated women. I had a blast. And they invited me back. I will definitely go.

Renee (who I liked as much as I knew I would) and Deb (who seems to be a fabulous knitter and very cool) had both read my blog. Connie, the third member of their established group that could attend tonight (she's is hilarious by the way) had to be told, "it's the blog with the Basset Hound From Hell". This, as you know, is not the first time this has happened. Living with a very famous blog dog, is getting difficult. She does very little of the knitting or writing and she is a credit hog. She is expecting extra chew treats. She is giving me 'tude during photo shoots. She has mentioned a personal assistant. She has mentioned getting together with Chaos and starting their own new world order. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Sheepish Annie said...

That sounds fun. I've been toying with the idea of making knitting a more social kinda thing. Just haven't been able to make myself do it. I'll let you go now. You need to get out there and start interviewing personal assistants for that hound!

Deb said...

Ooooh - sounds like fun. Maybe I'll get invited some day.

Guinifer said...

You are so done funny. I also have spent my entire life in the Twin Cities. I have to be honest, I could NEVER live in St. Paul, though I've never minded wandering over to St. Thomas when I was in college, or over to Grand Avenue for some shopping and brunch, or to the X for a hockey or lacrosse game. DH's family is from Stillwater (which is kind of a suburb of St. Paul, isn't it?) and half of his remaining family still lives there, so we definitely have those battles (east/west of the river). Guess who won?

Next time you should bring BHFH to knit night with you, much fun would ensue!

laurie said...

You are so funny. I'll be afraid... very afraid... heh heh

Sounds like fun was had by all!

pdxkatie said...

Oh my gosh - I laughed so hard at your MPLS/St.P differences. I grew up minutes away from St. Paul in Wisconsin and never really "got" the MPLS thing. You nailed it perfectly!

Chris said...

Y'all should've called me!!

I know what you mean about the famous pet thing, having been introduced more than once as "Stumbling Over Chaos." Very odd. :)

Knittymama said...

You said it so well! Then there are all of us invading 'Sconnies who move to The Cities and had to choose. Although when we moved here it was Mpls all the way, and I really can't say why. It just fit us.

The idea of the knitting group in Edina cracked me up. You should have gone and brought some Red Heart %100 acrylic in neon pink and gushed about how it's the best yarn ever. (with no offense to anyone who really does love red heart, my Grandma included;-)

renee said...

Ahhh! That was such a sweet post! And I really needed it - I had the day from hell and am feeling very sad today. You really picked up my spirits!!

I'm so glad you're thinking of coming back. After you left, we all talked about you (of course!) and all agreed that we hoped you'd come back.

I'm like you when it comes to going across that river. There are people who act like you need a passport to cross it. I love Minneapolis (maybe because I lived there for the first 4 years I lived in the Cities) and go there all the time. I'd never think of not going somewhere because it was in Minneapolis - not to mention venturing to the SUBURBS! :-)

Tipper said...

Oh, man! I thought you were talking about ME when you said "blog with basset hound from hell," though I usually paint mine in a much more pleasant light (whether she deserves it or not). Oh, and I'm in Minneapolis, too! (I found you through the Yarnzilla blog.)

Here's my hell hound.