Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Let's start with the ugly and move to the good. The ugly was a wasp stinging me in the ass today. I'm not allergic or anything so it's just a minor, painful inconvenience. It caused my husband no small amount of amusement to see me jump aproximately 40 feet in the air, grabbing my behind. That's life with Kate. I'm an accident waiting to happen.

The bad was sitting under a tree for 4 hours while wasps circled us and baby box elder bugs chewed our ankles. We were selling beverages at a baseball tournament with the proceeds going to benefit youth baseball programs in our town. We sold, let's see, let me calculate, oh yeah TWO BOTTLES OF WATER! So we netted youth baseball about 50 cents. In four hours. Luckily the wasp sting broke up the monotony of sitting under a damn tree.

The good came in the form of a phone call from my son, who had better things to do than spend the day under a tree and stayed home.

13YO: Yeah, you got a box of envelopes in the mail.

Me: A box of what?

13YO: Envelopes. From Oregon. Or it could be something from your Secret Pal.

Gee ya think? Knowing the likelihood of anyone sending me envelopes, I was pretty excited to get home and open the package. I couldn't even get everything in a picture!

A couple of clarifications. Maxine Louise, assistant to the head dog in charge, BHFH was pretty sure this package was for her. I laid things out to photograph and ran up to the work room to grab my camera. When I came back she had already grabbed a skein and took off. So sorry about the messy skein, it was sent to me shrink-wrapped and in 30 seconds had been partially unwound by the BHFH. Yes, those are the toes of my tennies in the picture. I had to stand on a chair to get everything in the picture.

How cool is this? 3 skeins of Landscape, which I've wanted to try but thought was a little pricey for the yardage. A skein of Lanna Grossa Mega Boots stretch in a beautiful autumn colorway, 2 books! I love books and I don't have either of these. Folk Socks and Simple Chic (which I've looked at in the store aproximately 3 million times) The Noni Carpet Bag pattern!! Two purse handles, a row counter, stitch markers, a sushi mat, and a hand made dish cloth! Wow. Thank you so much Secret Pal. I'm going to have a blast knitting with this.

As for Maxine, she had to rest after all the excitement.

Yarn thief? Me? I don't know what you are talking about.


Chris said...

Hee hee - glad you aren't allergic, but it IS a funny image. :) You could've donated $5 and stayed home...

What a great SP package! And I'm glad to know it isn't just Chaos who can't be trusted. :)

Peevish said...

That happened to me just a week ago!!

I told my husband that if he let the wasp go instead of killing it, that it would end up roaming the earth in search of other butts, and obviously I was right!

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, lordy! Don't even get me started on the stinging, biting, creeping and crawling critters!!! The whole summer has been spent fighting the good fight for all humanity against these beasties. The pup is looking too innocent to be truly guilt-free. But I'm not sure I could stay mad...such a cutie!!!

Teresa said...

The sushi mat is for felting - you can felt soap easily with roving and any kind of soap. Except I forgot to put the soap and roving in!! Duh. Anyway, if you put some roving around the soap, get it wet and kind of roll it in the sushi mat, it will shrink up and make the soap look cool, try using different colors.

I am glad you didn't have the books, you never know! The landscape yarn will felt to! so you can make a purse if you like.



Guinifer said...

I am envious of your SP, your lovely presents, and your dog. She is adorable!

We had a horrible wasp experience this weekend as well! I'm glad you had no ill-effects!