Saturday, July 29, 2006

Contest End

Thank God for Susan and some anonymous commenter (who keeps signing comments, Roger Clinton?!) they recognized the episode of Gilligan's Island when Gilligan has to dress up like a girl. My husband and son both think Gilligan is hilarious. We have all the episodes on DVD. Yeah, we are running a pretty highbrow place here.

Thanks for everyone's comments on knitting socks. Maybe I'll try at some point. I've seen the little ankle socks made out of Cascade Fixation and I think I would actually wear those. Never say never.

The winner of my copy of "Knitting Vintage Socks" is Renee. Renee, e-mail me your address and I'll send it to you. I used Chris' suggestion for a random number generator, thanks Chris.

I'm working on a Booga Bag for MFF's daughter's birthday in the Noro I bought Friday. It's going quickly and I should be finished tomorrow. Pictures then. I really promise.


Chris said...

You're welcome! Congrats, Renee!!

laurie said...


Except, if we're talking highbrow, can I just tell you I could waste an entire weekend of my life doing nothing but watching Brady Bunch re-runs, or Bewitched re-runs or Gilligan and the crew (and have in fact done that very thing with exactly 0% remorse).

Plus you can learn life lessons on Gilligan. For example, do NOT give the professor coconut wine! Do not befriend headhunters! Do not let Gilligan guard the door to the cave!