Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Husband Is Going To Be So Disappointed In You!

Many have gotten the reference to the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph but no one seems to get You Can't Make Me, You Can't Make Me. He is depressed about this. I think he married me because I recognized these phrases from his favorite cheesy comedy (the king of all cheesy comedy t.v. shows) and because I could sing the Camelot song from Monty Python & The Holy Grail in perfect tenor.

So some of you nearly have me thinking I should knit a pair of socks. I am truly moved by the emotional testimonies to the joys of the simple, often overlooked, sock. But alas, not moved enough to go buy itsy bitsy teeny weeny dpns.

Are you all still watching "Project Runway"? I've wanted to mention it all week, but I'm really depressed about Malan getting booted last week. I thought he was kind of a pretensious (I have no clue whether this is spelled right, go with me on this one okay?) snot at first, but when he told about his mother throwing the sketchbook on the floor when he was 13 and telling him he'd never amount to anything, I almost cried. (Yeah, I cry at little league games too, I'm a big ol' weepy pushover) So I'm hoping whoever they ask to leave for rule-breaking next week means they can bring back Malan cos I'm worried about him.

I sent both of my pals packages today. I had all my stuff, tissue paper, boxes, presents, cards, all spread out on the table in the post office lobby and I'm sure people thought I was nuts. They are both sock knitters so I sent them sock yarn. Mountain Colors Bearfoot and Trekking. The Trekking seems to be one of the hot sock yarns right now and the Mt. Colors was just so beautiful and soft that I couldn't resist. I also sent them books and journals and stuff from Bath and Bodyworks. I hope that they like them. One is a blogger and posts everything on her blog so I know if she likes it or not, the other only blogs every couple of months so I never know for sure.

My One Skein Secret Pal totally rocks. She has sent me the coolest stuff, it's really fun to get her packages. My SP8 pal I haven't heard from since May, so I have no clue there, but stuff happens and people get busy. It's all good. I'm having so much fun shopping for my pals that I don't really much care about the receiving.

I've got to go knit. Pictures as soon as I find some batteries for my camera.


Sheepish Annie said...

I am so addicted to Project Runway...I pretend that I don't watch it, but I do. (shhh, don't tell) I can't wait for next week's cleverly orchestrated bombshell...perhaps your prediction will come true. I felt the same way about Milan's demise.

Chris said...

Personally, I wouldn't ever knit a sock if I had to use tiny dpns. I use two circs, although many love magic loop.

Susan said...

"you can't make me..."

I can hear it in my head, even the right voice but I couldn't remember where it was from. Brain block, thy relief is google.

Now if I could only get the resulting images out of my head! He made a damn ugly woman.