Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Deadline Has Been Moved!!!

I thought I was ahead of the game. Plugging along on my knitting to do list. Gettin' things done. I have taunted the knitting gods and they have laughed at me and sent me a bolt from the blue. I was knitting along on the poncho for my niece (last poncho, last poncho, chant along with me, last poncho) thinking I would beat the August 4th deadline for birthday giving with ease.

Next project would be Samantha for my friend's first baby due in September. As my friend is the most private person in the universe, (refused a 40th birthday party, didn't tell us that his girlfriend has moved in with him for months, etc) I didn't imagine that there would be any event that would move up the deadline on this project. I didn't account for the wildcard in this scenario, his mother, Babes. I received an invitation to a baby shower from said Babes in the mail yesterday. JULY 22ND!!!! I have less than two weeks to complete the sweater. I have to host a baseball tourney. I have to work to earn enough to feed my terrible yarn addiction. Who am I kidding, there is no job out there that pays enough to feed my yarn addiction.

So I suddenly feel the tremendous weight of deadline knitting pressing me down. Panic is sure to follow. I have the yarn. I have the pattern. I can do this, right? I just won't have time for any mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, Knittymama has a contest going. Tell her about your silliest knitting mistake. Yarn is involved for the winner.


Sydney said...

Good luck! I knew there was a reason I avoid deadline knitting.

Kelly said...

I hate the deadline move - Good Luck!

Chris said...

BIBS. A pack of three little bibs would make a great present! :) The sweater can be for the actual birth.

Heh, are you surprised I suggested that?!