Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tourney Time

I have to get back to the park, but the first day of the tournament our Little League is hosting was Saturday. After all the logistics and painting and clean up we were ready. The first day was a big, hot, sticky success. The temp was over 90 degrees and humid. We sold a ton of slushies and water at the concession stand. We knew that we'd go through tons of food at concession, but we had no idea. We ran out of bottled water during the last two games.

The commemorative t-shirts were a hit too. Here is our crack sales team:

Mine is the one with his eyes closed on the right. His best friend Zach in the middle and our best volunteer, Kalli who spent her entire 11th birthday selling t-shirts. They actually had the best seat in the house as our park is sadly lacking shade. So sitting under the canopy was prime real estate yesterday.

My husband was stuffed in a small cinder block booth for 11 hours yesterday, keeping score. I caught him coming out of his cell after the last game. Doesn't he look happy? His first words, "don't put me in that box all day tomorrow".
Hey, I put food and drink in there once in a while. He should have come to more board meetings and signed up for the good jobs.

I don't know that I had any good jobs. I checked in teams, set up tents, swept, emptied garbage, hauled water, sold t-shirts. Whatever needed doing. We had so many great volunteers that worked so hard in the heat. Here is hoping we earn enough for batting cages.

The teams playing were all 9 and 10 year olds and they were just as cute as can be. They think they are big tough ballplayers, but they were darn cute.

I have to get back to the park. We've got to re-stock concessions before the hungry hordes show up at the park this morning! Back to knitting by Monday, I promise!


Tygher Knits said...

I remember when my sister played in a softball tournament years ago. I had to help out, being the only one with the time. It was a -lot- of work! Good luck making enough money to get some batting cages!!

Chris said...

I hope you earned enough money!!