Friday, July 07, 2006

Ever Have a Perfect Friend?

I have. And I've lost her. Not in some dramatic Krystal and Alexis catfight in the pool incident. We just drifted apart and lost touch. She left the company we both worked at. I moved. She moved. I left the company we both worked at. She was in San Francisco to begin with and I've always been here in Minneapolis but we found ways to hang out.

We are oddly similar in many ways. We both have husbands who are quiet and sensible. We both have sons. A few years ago, unbeknownst to the other, we both went out and bought the same fabric to make drapes for our homes. Two, three years ago, independent of each other, we both took up knitting. We discovered home improvement shows together years ago on a Saturday night when I was just too tired to go out. We stayed in at my house and discovered HGTV. Yes, she is tiny and gorgeous. Yes, everything she does she does perfectly. Yes, I've been her crazy, disorganized, train wreck friend in the past. If she wasn't sarcastic and too funny for words, she would just be too perfect to actually be friends with.

Now I want to find her again and can't. Please web-heads don't send me weird links to find lost pals. Tried that. I did find this by googling her:
Christina my long lost pal is on the left. I sent an e-mail to Afghans for Afghans and I'm hoping that she is a volunteer there.

I had all her old info on my computer before she moved, but it was lost in the "computer blows up" episode last winter.

I have searched the Bay Area Knitters blog rolls. I have Googled and Asked. No phone number listed in qwestdex. Can't find her. Just this picture. Sniff.

As far as I can tell, I have very few if any readers on the left coast. It could be they are offended by my referring to L.A. as Crazyville and stating that California gives me the heebie jeebies. Ya think? But if there are any bloggers out there who have spotted Christina in the blogosphere, comment. I would be shocked if she doesn't have a blog. I'm sure she started before me. I'm sure it is a work of art and reads like poetry. I'm sure I miss her terribly.


Beth said...

This is a long shot, but I saw this on the Yarn Harlot's list of Knitting Olympics participants.

"Christina c. - Afghan of her own design"

Unfortunately, it wasn't linked to a blog. Maybe you could write to the Harlot and ask if she has an e-mail address.

Good luck!

Chris said...

Oh, good luck!!

Sydney said...

No good suggestions here. Good luck with your search!

Knittymama said...

That is so frustrating! I have three friends that I've lost due to too many moves, e-mail changes, address changes. It's so frustrating!!