Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Getting Ready for Company

Our Little League is having company. After a couple years of campaigning for the chance, we are hosting our district's 9 & 10 year old All Star tournament. LL fact you may not know (unless you are a big LL geek like me) most Little Leagues own or lease their parks. That means we are responsible for all the upkeep. So the park is a bit like a home. There are always little things that need to be done that we never get around to. Just like at home, when company is coming, we are rushing around like mad to do all the things we haven't gotten around to. Since 22 teams, their coaches, family and friends will be visiting our park starting next weekend, we spent the day yesterday doing all the little things we should have done years ago.

We cleaned, we swept, we painted the dugouts and the fieldhouse, we installed fence cap. It looks terrific! At about 8:30 last night we all sat in the grass and admired our work and asked ourselves, "why the hell haven't we done this before?". I've been doing major online shopping not of the yarn variety in anticipation of this event. I bought 500 feet of fence cap, a lightning detector and a bunch of commemorative t-shirts for the tourney. We are hoping that the proceeds from concessions and t-shirt sales will net the league enough to build batting cages.

Even with all of this going on, I have found some time to knit. "Apple" Green Gable

I started this on Sunday and knit yesterday morning on it as well. I'm using the Patons Katrina that is stretchy rayon blend. I like the subtle texture the yarn has and a tiny bit of shimmer. Not too sparkly for the sparkle-phobic me, but a bit of shine. I'm thinking about finishing the bottom and sleeves with a repeat of the lace panel rather than the ribbing that the pattern calls for. Let me know what you guys think. I'm torn because I don't want it to look matronly, but I really do like the lace. Other than that I haven't changed a thing.

I'm now officially addicted to knitting from the top down. I love trying it on as I go. I love not seaming. Somehow top down just makes more sense to me. When I buy new clothes in the store, I tend to wear them right away. The top down knitting satisfies that same need. When you are done with the knitting, you can wear it immediately! This one does have small sleeve seams but no big deal.

Here is another thing that makes me happy about this pattern. I bought it online and was able to download the PDF. Instant shopping gratification! It seems like a no brainer in our electronic age. Of course, most of the pattern companies haven't gotten this yet. Most of the patterns that are available this way are by independents like the Garter Belt, Zephyr, etc. My LYS can't possibly stock all the patterns that are out there. Plus, what they do stock requires me to sit at the shop and leaf through giant binders of patterns. Thankfully my LYS has very comfortable seating and sells wine by the glass, but it is still kind of a chore. Not to mention if I've been at it long enough and had enough wine, I start getting beer goggles about the patterns. Things that I would never wear or use start to look appealing. The main stream pattern companies need to get a clue about this and stop wasting time and postage with paper patterns.

Happy 4th of July. Hope you all have time to knit today!


trek said...

That's an awful lot for such a short time - way to go.

Sydney said...

Oh, I like that pattern and the yarn color. You've been busy!

katie said...

I agree with you about top down designs. Your Green Gable is lovely! Both the pattern and color are so pretty.

Knittymama said...

You must be near Yarn Cafe. I could see how that could be dangerous, wine and pattern buying! I've only made it out there once and I was pregnant, so no wine that day :-) Maybe it's time for another trip!

Laura said...

Whoa! Yarn shopping and wine! That sounds like Big Fun!

Your Picovoli looks great -- how cute are you? :) Also the green gable looks good -- I think the lace pattern at the bottom might be nice if you want something drapey.

Beth said...

Your Green Gable looks great and you're making great progress. I'm a little jealous. I have to rip mine back to the lace because it's too big.

Chris said...

Whew - you must be tired after all that park cleanup!

Your Green Gable is looking great! I'm having trouble picturing how it would look with lace. You might ask on the Green Gable Knitalong, to see if someone's tried that.

And I SOOOO with you on the top down. Why make things harder than they need to be??!