Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's All I've Got

I have had computer issues this week. Some of them of my own making, some blogger problems. First the problems of my own making.

As I've mentioned, our Little League has been hosting a giant tourney over the last two weeks. This has involved me getting to the park by 3:30 every afternoon (across town from my office) and not getting home until after 9:00 each night. This has been difficult and has prevented me from getting everyday life stuff done. Like laundry and grocery shopping (thank God for internet grocery service!) and pedicures.

I love wearing sandals in the summer but I have to have a pedicure to do so. I can't stand seeing yucky feet stuffed into sandals at the office. So my wardrobe choices have been dictated by shoes lately because I haven't had time to get a pedicure and I only have so many closed toe shoes that look good with summer clothes. So the other night I get the brilliant idea to give myself a pedi. My mom gave me a little kit so I figured, why not? (trust me this eventually leads to a computer problem that only I could create) I filled a tub with water and scrubby stuff and soaked. I gave myself a pretty decent pedicure considering my poor Graves eyesight and the lack of light in my workroom at night. By the time I finished I was feeling pretty pleased. Think of the money I've saved by doing it myself! How many skeins of yarn does this represent? I'm a frugal-boots! I was also lazy boots by that time and left the tub of water on the floor. The next morning, klutzing around before my coffee, I knocked my mouse into the tub of water. I think I just ate up my savings in optical mouse replacement costs.

The other problem seems to be with Blogger and pictures. I can't see them on anyone's blog. If you use typepad or some other software, I'm good. But I can't see anyone's pictures on blogger sites. Final problem is that my computer seems to be loading content really slowly. I've rebooted the computer, rebooted the cable modem, rebooted the wireless router. We'll see if this works.

Consequently, with all these tech issues, I've been a bad blogger. My apologies.

I have been knitting another Picovoli in TLC Cotton Plus. I'm doing it with the picot edge this time. I have 15 skeins of this yarn. I'm not sure why or what possessed me to buy so many a couple years ago when the purchase was made. I know it's inexpensive. It seems to be knitting up pretty well. This top will take about 3 skeins. I'm gonna have a lotta yarn left. Ideas welcome. It says it's worsted but I can't seem to get a decent gauge on anything but size 3-5 needles so either I'm off or the yarn is thinner than worsted. Any suggestions for what to do with 2000 yards or so of leftover cotton?


Sheepish Annie said...

Hmm...something has been afoot. (oh, an unintentional pun. Neat) I've heard several people mentioning slow loading times over the past week or so. I was working at dial-up speed for a while there. I'm pretty sure it's aliens.

re: the cotton. I'd say go all Mason*Dixon on it and do up some hand towels and warsh rags. Great holiday gifts!

Chris said...

What a week! Blogger, blogger, blogger - argh! Y'know, there are free blogs at wordpress.com - just in case you get too frustrated.

There's a place at Winetka and Medicine Lake Road that does $20 pedicures. :)

Tygher Knits said...

Lots and lots of dishcloths?

Anonymous said...

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