Sunday, April 02, 2006

Out Past My Bedtime

Okay, my bedtime is usually about 9:30. But last night I stayed out past a normal person's bedtime too.

The boys left for a three day road trip to Chicago yesterday, leaving me at home with the dogs. I spent the entire day spring cleaning. I am not even close to feeling done with spring cleaning, but after a day, I'm burnt out. Today's cleaning will be limited to getting cobwebs out of corners so that people who visit don't think the Addam's Family lives here.

So after a day of cleaning, I went out with friends to eat and listen to music. It was great. I limited myself on the wine, but I didn't get home until the bar closed. Since this is the day that an hour of my life is stolen, I immediately re-set clocks upon arriving at home at 2:30 a.m. Yes, 2:30!!! That is so incredibly late for a woman whose big accomplishment some weeks is staying awake for all of Gray's Anatomy!! Now you would think that the girls would be pretty tired this late at night, but Maxine (the Basset Hound From Hell) decided to run around the house knocking things over. I finally got her to go to bed (I think she is waiting for daddy to come home) only to have her wake me up at 7:00.

Now you might be able to tell by some of my comments on your blogs, I generally an early riser. Hence the early bed time. I like to get up about 5:00 so that I can have a little time to myself in the morning. I knit, I blog, I surf. I get up, let the girls out, feed them and then they go back downstairs and crawl in bed with their daddy until 6:30 or so. So this morning when the BHFH decided to wake me up, I thought I could crawl back in bed for an hour or so. NO, NO, NO. She decided to start tipping things over, climbing on the desk (what, she has paperwork now?), and generally making trouble. So I'm up. I haven't had enough sleep. I lost an hour anyway and will be confused all day. (How is it that I can travel all over never get jet lagged, but this one stolen hour throws me off every damn year?!)

She just stole a needle. I have to chase her down. More about actual knitting later. After a nap.

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