Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Finished Object

Sunday afternoon, I finished this:

It's from the last issue of Knit It magazine. I'm glad it ended up in the abandoned project pile as the pattern was corrected in a major way. I started it on a business trip to L.A. (have I mentioned that I'm uncomfortable with California?) way back in December. I got to the sleeve decreases and realized something was wrong, very wrong. It wasn't a great trip. I was in class all day every day. The hotel was right near LAX. The beds were made of cinder blocks (at least I think that was the case all I know for sure is the bed was damn hard)and the temperature in the room was always too cold or too hot. Goldilocks needs it just right! The best feature of this room had to be the fact that the giant window looked out over the Budget Car Rental lot. Car rental lots at major international airports are open and LIT UP all freaking night. The curtains refused to close all the way so I had bright Budget lights glaring at me all night.

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) I was in no mood to try to correct someone's pattern. Oh, and did I mention when I went back to Crazyville in January to finish this training, they put me in the SAME EXACT ROOM! I mean honestly what are the odds on this?! 400 rooms in a hotel and I get the same crap ass room with an HVAC problem and Budget lights twice?! Do you understand why I hate business travel?

Calming deep breaths. Okay, back to shruggy goodness. Love the shrug. It was very quick to knit overall (4 month break not included in overall time calculation)and it was perfect on this 54 degree spring day. Not loving the Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick as it seems to be getting pilly already. We'll see.

I would have had someone take a picture of me actually wearing it rather than laying on the hall floor, but I'm in year 41 of the longest bad hair day ever.

Tomorrow, how I fell for this whole dying my own yarn fever that has overtaken blog land. G'nite.


Chris said...

Talk about auspicious abandonment! :) And you even made me feel better about never getting to travel for work... Looks like a fun shrug. Hopefully it doesn't pill too much.

Heh, did you join Dye-O-Rama? Jeanne and I were trying to make a warping board tonight. It wasn't one of our finest moments, I must say.

Knittymama said...

The shrug looks great!

I was so tempted to sign up for Dye-o-Rama, but thought new baby+ three year old + me having never dyed anything = me flaking out. So I passed this time.

Did you decide to do SP8? I got my anonymous e-mail set up, now I just need to sign up. Hoopefully tonight!

Peevish said...

Sounds like a painful process, but it is a nice shrug!