Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Even my little sister is getting in the act! She is blogless, but she wanted in. Here is her cupboard.

Here is the e-mail message that accompanied the picture.

Okay, the trick was moving the junk from in front of the cabinet to open it up. I don't need anymore yarn but I thought this was too funny not to participate!
I have the same vase as you only mine is clear glass, an electric knife which I am actually grandma enough to use annually at the holidays, a food grinder (I was going to make my own ground beef to avoid mad cow or something), blender, a water bottle (I needed that last year!) and 1/2 a bottle of tequila. Usually when I need a drink I am too exhausted to move the stuff in front of the cabinet to get the tequila.

You should know that my sister is the domestic goddess of the family. The fact that she even thought of grinding her own beef is proof of this. She also has a special pie keeper so that she can bring pies to people. Pies not made by the local Baker's Square or Marie Callendar. Do you think a frozen Mrs. Smith's would transfer into the very special pie plate? Above the cupboard is a very special cake keeper. The kind that proves she can actually make a layer cake that is worthy of taking to someone else's home. Not the wonky kind I make. From a mix. Yes, we really are sisters. We look a lot alike. I wasn't a foundling. I wasn't.

I have obviously been remiss as a big sister. I have not taught her anything! First "I don't need anymore yarn. . " what the hell kind of crazy statement is that?! None of us NEED more yarn. We've all got yarn. There isn't any such thing as too much yarn. Can we also talk about the fact that she has a margarita party waiting to happen in her cupboard? Why isn't she having one and why have I not been invited? It's never too late for me to be a better big sister. I'm going to do my best.

In other cupboards we found:

Jennifer has enough travel mugs to provide a full high school band bus with coffee for the road.

Much like my sister, Renee has a party waiting to break out. Maybe I should get them together?

The most surprising and even a little disturbing was Deb's cupboard. I'm stunned. And a little in awe. Truly.


Chris said...

Ok, I'm amazed at how much I'm enjoying peeking into people's cupboards. Enough so that I'll post my pictures tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

I want liquor in my cabinet! Of course, then I'd forget it was up there, and never drink it.

Lisa said...

I was sucked in. I posted pics of my totally embarassing cupboard on my blog.
Don't mock me now!

Katie said...

I like the domestic goddess' cupboard! I posted my cabinet yesterday. This is a lot of fun!

RheLynn said...

This is a fun contest! I hope at least one of my cupboards counts -- the one over the stove is the hard one to get to -- but we do put stuff in it!

--Deb said...

Technically, it's more my Mom's cabinet than mine. It's okay, I've claimed one of the bigger cabinets for baking supplies, and one of the smaller ones for things for my dog, and the rest we share, so no problem there.

But, um, let's not start on closets, huh? I've taken over at least two "spare" closets in our house for my book collection . . .

Nessie Noodle said...

This is hysterical... now I am going to need to do this- my husband is really going to think I have lost it now.

Maybe you should bring over some ice for your sister- I see the blender and the alchol- can't have a party without the ice :)