Monday, April 17, 2006

Sick Puppy Nurse

First things first. Happy Easter from the Easter Basset. Keeping ears on her head and out of her mouth was a major challenge. Yes she looks a little sad to be wearing bunny ears, but she is a Basset Hound and always looks sad!

She is especially sad as her big sister (remember we are adopters around here so they aren't actually blood relatives) is sick. Maggie has slipped a disc in her back and can't walk. This is making Maxine crazy. She doesn't understand what is wrong or why Maggie can't roughhouse or go outside to play in the beautiful spring sunshine with her.

The vet says that playing with Maxine is how Maggie probably slipped a disc in the first place but the prognosis is good. No surgery recommended at this time. She is however on a bunch of medications that are so complicated to parcel out to her that I had to make a chart for the fridge!

Nursing a sick puppy has given me a chance to knit though. I have 10 squares for another Chris' Humane Society project and I am within 7 inches of completing the hood on my %$^%&* cotton sweater. There will be pictures of a finished cotton hoodie tomorrow. The project that has stood in my way as I promised myself no new projects until this is completed. The squares don't count as they are for charity. (I can rationalize anything. Come shopping with me, I'll prove it.)

Chris' blog (the first Chris I found, making the Chris above another Chris.) pointed me to a contest on Kat's blog. Five places you have knit. So here goes:
  1. In an insurance continuing education class so boring that the sales manager sitting next to me begged for my needles to commit hara-kiri
  2. The pedicure chair at the nail salon
  3. On a bus ride during a company ski outing in Colorado. Prompting the guys on my sales team to rechristen me "G-ma" (they thought it sounded hipper than just calling me grandma)
  4. At the local bar
  5. At Little League registrations

I knit everywhere so it is pretty hard to narrow the list down to five.

Finally, a picture of my patient, Margaret Mary.


Jennifer said...

Poor Maggie! Poor Maxine, i hope your playmate gets better soon. You look cute in your ears!

kat said...

Anyone who knits at a bar is good with me!

Chris said...

Oh, poor Maggie. Get better soon so the Easter Basset cheers up!

Wow, you are cranking out the squares! I mailed the cage liner this morning. Whew!! It's orange & black, with a 5 inch olive & black stripe on one end. :)

Heh, love the guy sitting next to you begging for a needle to commit hari-kari!

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Kelly said...

Oh, nothing is worse and a sick puppy.

Diana said...

Maxine and Maggie are adorable. Hope Maggie gets well soon!