Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Claw Has Spoken, He Must Go

That title is for my brother Dave. He can memorize movie lines after hearing them once, but it took three times before calculus stuck. He's lucky, calculus never stuck with me. But my hand, elbow, and wrist are now so sore that I am the claw at this point. So I am trying to take a break from knitting for a couple of days. This leads to the question, what the hell do non-knitters do!!!!? I can't just sit and watch television with no knitting. Screw television, I have no ability to just sit still without my knitting. This must be how knitting blogs got so popular (or is this just my view from knitting land?) you can sit in one place without knitting if you are blogging.

So, here was my answer to non-knitting last night.

Could it be more pink?! HELL NO! It is extremely pink yarn that started out as white Paton's Classic Wool. Dyed with Wilton's icing dye in my kitchen and wound poorly with my new homemade niddy noddy (not knitty naughty Jeff and MFF). Winding took longer than the dying but I'll get it yet.

And for my sister (she's the middle child and always feels left out) "I want my two dollars".


trek said...

Hey, it looks like the Hot Flashes from the STR people.

Chris said...

Better Off Dead!! Better Off Dead! I love that movie! I own that movie! My brother borrowed it from me so his wife could get the jokes we make! Hee hee.

Very pink yarn. Fun! The niddy noddying goes better with practice - there's a certain rythym - you'll know it when you hit it. :)

Katie said...

I can't sit still while watching TV, either, unless I'm deathly sick or completely exhausted. Knitting is so wonderful for people like us!

Jennifer said...

I love Better Off Dead.

Loving the Pink! Wilton's, huh? Good to know...