Monday, May 01, 2006

Knitting Again (and buying yarn too)

My wrist and elbow are finally feeling better and I can knit again. I've gotta tell you, not knitting made me pretty cranky last week. Friday I took the day off work and knit this:

I used the pink, pink, pink that I dyed myself and some red Galway that I had in my stash left over from another project. It has taken the whole weekend to dry as I doubled the yarn throughout the project. No pattern, just knitting. I'll post the recipe for it when I figure out how to post a pattern.
I have some wooden handles I'm going to attach now that it is finally dry. After finishing this I realized it was a Project Spectrum March project. Since I seem to be trying new colors, I figured I might as well just join PS so as of today, I'm officially in.

Saturday I fell off the yarn diet wagon two days before my self imposed May 1 deadline. I missed Yarn Cafe so much that I paid it a visit. I bought the yarn for the Sunrise Circle KAL as well as a couple of skeins of Malabrigo. The Malabrigo is probably going to be used to make Fuzzy Feet for a couple of Little Leaguers I know who have been fascinated by my knitting. I that I had to buy some after visiting (and petting) it for so long at my LYS. It is so soft!

This week I will finish this:
It's a poncho for my niece, Abby. Her 4th birthday party is Friday night and I have to get it done. I have about 5 more inches so I should make it. It's in Katia Mexico which is fuzzy and soft and self-striping. It's also a blend that can be machine washed which is crucial to me when knitting something for kids. I picked the colors because it should look great with a pair of jeans. If her mother gives me the okay, I'll post a picture of her wearing it.

I received my first package ever from Knit Picks this weekend and I started yet another bag. This will be my fifth felted bag this year. I don't know why I'm so attracted to knitting handbags, but I can't seem to stop. As I only had vague expectations for what the colors would look like, I was pleased with the yarn. I understand that others have been disappointed by the colors they have received as they look nothing like the colors posted on their site. I guess I'm easy.

Wow, is my writing ever boring when I write about knitting. Kinda makes me wonder what I'm doing with a knitting blog.


sydney said...

The pink and red bag is looking good!

Kelly said...

The bag and ponch look great. I love the Sunrice Cirle Jacket, I hope to knit one as well.

Katie said...

Hey Kate, I don't think your knitting posts are boring at all! I like seeing what you're working on. I love the little poncho. There's one in Holiday Knits that I plan to make for my little girl towards the fall. She'll be 18 months old in Sept. and by then she'll probably be able to wear one without tugging at it. Right now I think she'd pull a poncho off (as would I, but I'm a grown woman and ponchos aren't my thing).

Chris said...

You're not boring me. :) That bag is fun!!

Jen said...

I really like how you did the stripes with two different colors held together- looks great!