Thursday, May 18, 2006

KAL Progress

I'm finally making progress on one of my KAL projects. I joined the Sunrise Circle KAL a while ago but just got started on the jacket this week. I had so many things that had to be made on a deadline plus unfinished stuff I wanted to finish, that I hadn't gotten around to it. Luckily there is no deadline on this one. This was my first provisional cast-on and my first hem. I really like the way the hem lays and I think I'll use a hem again.

I'm working on the raglan decreases right now. I'm hoping to work on it again tonight.

A bunch of women at work have been asking me to teach them to knit so tonight is the night. After work we are going downstairs to the bar and we are going to have knitting lessons. There are 6 of us. I'm hoping it goes well and everyone loves it. Yes, I am what the Yarn Harlot calls a "Missionary Knitter". I do keep a little extra in the bag so that if someone says, "I want to learn to knit" I can whip out some needles and teach them.

Last winter I taught my cousin's bible study group to knit. My cousin Laurel had knit as a child but hadn't since. There were a couple of people who just took to it right away. Laurel and her friend Diana have been knitting ever since and having a great time. In fact Laurel called me last Sunday saying that she was getting on a plane to Vegas and couldn't leave her knitting behind. What kind of needles can she take on a plane? I told her that I've only had needles confiscated once and they were 14" aluminum needles. I did convince the TSA agent to let me take the yarn off first. Other than that no problem. So Laurel and I had a quick conversation about how to make a hat and off she went to Vegas. If you are out there honey, tell me if the hat worked.

In non-knitting news, the hole is no more! I came home last night to a paved road. The cones and stuff are still there while the asphalt cures, but I'm hoping they'll be gone today. The fact I haven't managed to mow down the cones getting out of the driveway is amazing.


Chris said...

The hem looks great! I've only used a hem once (on the Hourglass Sweater), but I love how it looks and will definitely use it again.

How did the knitting lessons go last night? Glad to hear that the hole is gone!

Tam said...

Gotta love a "knitting missionary". I'm pretty outspoken about sharing my "religion" too. haha I haven't created any zealots lately, though. That's sad. I could use a good knitting buddy. My very bestest friend TRIED to be converted but it just wasn't for her. sigh. Good luck in your "mission". Let us know how it went last night.

Kelly said...

Glad to hear the hole is gone. As of late they have been letting me on planes with all sorts of needles, and a blunt noosed scissors. I guess it is hit or miss.

knitannie said...

Hi, I only just saw your question on the Sunrise KAL. I made the size 35 and I'm a size 6 - 8 in the US (size 12 in the UK). I have quite a long body though (I'm 5 foot 7) and the jacket is just a bit too short on the body. If I made it again I would definitely try to get some extra length by making the size bigger. You might need to adjust the width by moving the buttons or even reduce the width across the back piece, and you might need to shorten the arms.