Saturday, May 06, 2006


Pictures tomorrow, blogging today. I was reading over my blog and it seems that I have a lot of loose ends hanging in cyberspace. So here are some updates:

Maggie is back on her feet! It turns out it wasn't a slipped disc at all but rather a nasty infection. Antibiotics have gotten her back on her feet. She walks a little like a drunk but she walks. I'm a little afraid that the neighbors are going to see her swaying waddle around the backyard and call the ASPCA for drugging our dog. She's not high, she's just a little unsteady right now!

The poncho for Abby was completed on time (barely) and was a success. I'm now using the leftover yarn to make a smaller version for her "Froggy" a stuffed animal that she drags around with her everywhere. Tomorrow Abby, Froggy and I are have girls day out. We are going to Build a Bear and Libby Lu. At Libby Lu they will undoubtably glitter her up and send her father into complete spasms but that's the beauty of being an aunt! Shopping with Abby is like shopping with Paris Hilton sans little weird dog and booze. She is so beautiful that people stop and stare. Plus she wants to buy everything she sees and I have no ability to tell this child "no". Pictures tomorrow.

The big giant hole has been further diagnosed. Still a big giant hole, but at least we know whats up. They found an old waste water pipe that they guess is from the 1930's. It was sealed but somehow the seal broke and it has filled with water and silt. The combination of the pipe and the 5 days of rain we had last week have served to wash the road base away causing the sink hole. The City is contracting out to have the pipe filled with concrete and then will repair the hole. No timeline (what a shock) on this.

I'm almost to project freedom and can start my Sunrise Circle jacket!

In other news, I have a Secret Pal! I am a Secret Pal. Hope this turns out well. The rules say that you can send your SP one big package at the end or 3 packages monthly during the SP time frame. I'm too impatient, I have to send my pal stuff all the way through.


Chris said...

Whew - glad the mystery hole has been diagnosed!

It's always fun to see the SP stuff develop. I've just been feeling a little frazzled, so I decided not to participate in it.

Anonymous said...


I just took a lampworking class this weekend so I am learning to make glass beads. It was a lot of fun.

Do you like glass beads?

I am hoping to learn to make buttons.

I hope you have a good week.

Your Secret Pal!!

trek said...

Thanks, Kate, for the compliments on the Stumbling over Chaos bag (want one?). Congrats on joining SP8 - I still haven't heard yet - probably in the "late" assignment group.

Kelly said...

Man nothing is ever easy. At least the problem is diagnosed now.

Kate said...

Secret Pal,
I'm so jealous! I've been so tempted to take a glass class, but I'm such a klutz I'm not sure how it would turn out. I keep seeing these women on craft shows on TV doing it and it looks so cool!

trek said...

I need your email address to work out a trade! It didn't come through on your comment on my blog.

I'm reading the last one of Berenson's series. Did read one PJ Tracey.