Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another quiet evening in the madhouse

And I don't even have any pictures to show for it. Let me first tell you that I'm not exactly sure what the hell the city stuck in the hole, but it's lumpy (I mean really lumpy) and covered in plastic. Have they found Jimmy Hoffa's body yet?

So I leave work early to get across town to my son's baseball game. Limping across the campus with my stileto heels sticking in the grass, get to the field to find out he's been benched. He's been benched because he missed practice yesterday. He missed practice yesterday because he was playing another baseball game with his other team. So I watched the game and cheered for the rest of the team. Sitting down won't do him any harm. He doesn't do it often.

After the game I went straight home while my husband took my son's best friend up to the Little League park where his parents were watching his little brother play. The boys came home and told me that there was a good game up at the park so they were changing clothes and going back to the park to watch.

A quiet evening at home alone with my knitting and Gilmore Girls! Hooray for me. Right until Maxine decided to knock over the garbage and throw it all over the house. Right up until the dogs started barking at the cops skulking across my front yard with their guns drawn. Right up until I see an episode of Cops play out across the street (a huge false alarm btw). Right up until the boys get home early and my son announces that we have to put oil all over his glove and bake it in the oven. Yes, bake it in the oven. We came up with a compromise involving the dryer. It sounds like I'm tumbling rocks in my dryer right now.

I need to go to bed. I'll knit tomorrow.


Knittymama said...

Oh, the joys of the city! When we first bought our house, we woke up one night to about 6 cop cars, our street blocked off, and the cops hiding behind trees, guns drawn, yelling "Roger, come out with your hands up!" Roger never did come out, and the house was up far sale a few months later. Luckily it went to a much more plesant person! :-)

Kelly said...

Wow, your neigborhood is just full of excitement right now. There is just something about this time of year, you can't help but put knitting on the back burner.

Chris said...

Wow, your neighborhood is more exciting than mine! (Uptown) :D