Saturday, April 22, 2006

Me, a Pookie Schmoo, and a (&&^%^%$ cotton sweater

Yes! It's done! The )&*(*&*))#@;&* cotton sweater! Have I mentioned I hate knitting with cotton yarn? My elbow and wrist were so sore I could hardly sleep. Of course I was sleeping on the couch so that I could hear my patient, Maggie, if she cried during the night. Do you think that could have something to do with not being able to sleep?

So if you let your hair dry really curly and don't put make-up on and have to take your picture for your blog, include a really cute pet in the picture to distract everyone from your Saturday disarray.

If you are very astute you may notice that the cotton hoodie is sans hood. I was knitting along on the hood and all of the knitting had fallen to the side after increasing. I noticed it would make a cool collar if it was only in stockinette instead of reversed. So in the home stretch of this project that has caused me (literally) so much pain, I ripped and started again to create a stockinette collor with garter border.

Good God! What the hell? Has this turned into an actual knitting blog?! Many will be disappointed. As they don't have actual evidence that I knit. Only that I buy yarn like sheep have been declared extinct.

Since the chances of me wearing a hood are nil and hoods under jackets make me look like Quasi Modo on a bad hair day, I made a collar instead. I like it.

As I have been holding off starting another project until I completed the @$%$^%*& cotton sweater, I felt like the weight of the world was off my shoulders once I got this done. I can do anything now. No project is off limits! As long as it doesn't interfer with my April yarn diet, I can knit anything! No more yucky heavy rope-like cotton yarn! No more sore wrists, elbows, and shoulders! The world and my stash are my knitting oyster! So I started this. In DK cotton. On #5 needles. Pass the wine and the number of a good physical therapist.


trek said...

Ooh that is a pretty pattern and the edging is darling.

Congrats on finishing the cotton sweater - it looks really good - I like it.

Beth said...

Your sweater looks great! And I was admiring that shell pattern the other day. I'll be reading to see how it goes so I know whether or not to buy it! :)

Sydney said...

Congrats on finishing the sweater! The non-hood hood looks good. I like the camisole pattern too.

Chris said...

It looks great! Good call on skipping the hood. :) That's why Eris tempts me more than Rogue...

Oh, that's a very cute tank. Drink lots to make it through. ;)

Peevish said...

Yep, I would have skipped the hood too - looks great!