Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The End of TCOTF

Thanks so much to everyone for participating! Voting will happen today and I'll announce a winner. The best thing about this contest has been finding other knit bloggers close to home. Chris, Renee (go look at her Nantucket baskets), and Knittymama. Who knew?

Knittymama really has a lot of stuff in the cupboard. She gets to be a messy as she wants right now though since she just had a baby.

Xavierknits has a really neat empty cupboard. Doesn't this seem like possible stash space?

Imbrium has many of the same vases we all do. She just has A LOT of them!

Lynne got up on a chair and took a picture even though she is sick! I'm sure she'd like help from anyone who knows what the heck her plastic bunny thing is. It seems like it would be useful this week (being Easter and all) if it is in fact a useful object. . .

Jennifer has shortbread molds! Shortbread molds?! I don't even know what to say about this. Is there a recipe out there? I like shortbread. I never thought of actually making it myself. I see shortbread in my future. And probably an addition to my own COTF shortly after.

Dani's cupboard is actually clean enough to keep food products in the cupboard. Yes, food! Strange television character food, but food.

Tammy is having a party in her cupboard. If I can find her somewhere in Canada, I'm so there! I don't understand the sperm shooter though and will need a more detailed explanation. Tammy explains hers like we all have them. We don't Tammy, you have to help us out.

I think this is everyone. Thanks for playing along. Chris, you need to e-mail me about the voting process. You've been trackin' this thing all the way through. I want your opinion. You can let Chaos think he is voting too.

Gotta run, I'm throwing a seminar this morning and I have to pick the speaker up at his hotel. I'll be back tonight with the winner.


Chris said...

Email on its way shortly. Hee hee - Chaos won't vote unless there's tuna or catnip in someone's cupboard!

I quite like Tammy's cupboard - very useful! :)

Anne said...

Oh - I did email you on Sunday (honest, I'm not making it up!), but it seems to have got lost in the ether :-( Anyway - you can still see my post on my blog!

Jennifer said...

Shortbread molds! I made some chocolate chip shortbread in the Christmas Mold, it turned out both pretty and tasty. I will try to find a recipe for you.

Natalie said...

It may very well become stash space...We are redecorating the guest room into the new baby's room, and I had 2 drawers in the dresser holding yarn in there. Now that yarn has been evicted (will need the dresser drawers for baby clothes!), and I have to find a new home for it. No other empty drawers or cabinets in the house though! So over the fridge it just may be. :)

Jennifer said...

There is a nice mold here:

And a tasty recipe here:

If I wasn't dieting, I'd be making some right now!

Chris said...

Wow, Wendy of Wendy Knits mentioned your contest.