Thursday, April 06, 2006

TCOTF Day Three

Still slogging away at my i-cord handles for the Beer Goggles Bag. Meanwhile in blogland, more cupboards!

Jen has the exact same big, giant electric fry pan as I have! I wonder if she knows what you use a big giant electric fry pan for. I think I've used mine twice in 15 years.

A note to Katie, keep the coffee maker. Soon it will be a cool vintage Mr. Coffee.

Lisa, this is not about being embarrassed by dust. We all have dust. My husband suggested we look under the bed next but there are dust bunnies under the bed that are so big they are getting calls from casting directors for the next "King Kong" movie. I also think that you should meet my sister because with your cookie cutter collection and her pie/cake keepers you could have one heck of a bake sale.

RheLynn's cupboard is huge! I'm very envious. I could sure stuff a lot of crap in a cupboard like that!

Chris and her cat Chaos thought that their cupboard was very useful and did not contain junk. Then they actually looked inside of the cupboard. Chris is now in trouble with Chaos. I am wondering what a Nut Thin is.

I have had the busiest, craziest week ever and you have all made it so much easier! And a lot more fun. Keep them coming!


Chris said...

RheLynn also doesn't think her cupboard is organized. Heh!!

A Nut Thin is a type of gluten-free cracker, made with rice flour and (no surprise here) nuts - they have almond, pecans, and hazelnut. They also have Smokehouse Almond (because these ARE made by the Blue Diamond folks) and few new flavors I haven't tried. They're tasty and you could eat the entire box for a bit over 400 low fat calories... I'll stop my commercial now!

Latoya said...

I never thought to observe such a thing. How interesting and true that we don't really pay that much attention to this area.
I wonder if yarn would be good up there? (Probably not in mine, since I just found some honey stuck up there.)
Knit on!

Katie said...

This has been a lot of fun! I think next week we should take a tour of the worst closet in our homes. Mine is actually an offshoot of the kitchen. It keeps all of my cooking and baking junk that I don't use on a regular basis. Stuff falls out when I open the door. Seriously.

Juls said...

Wow, I'm not sure I am tall enough to take a photo of my cupboard. May have to get on a chair.

Did all these ppl clean before taking a photo? I'm not sure that's fair!

Sydney said...

Okay this is just too much fun looking in other people's cabinets. I've posted pictures of my cabinet on my blog. Juls, I can't speak for anyone else but I sure didn't clean first.

RheLynn said...

*LoL* I think I already have a lot of cra* stuffed in my cupboard! This is really fun ;o)

I wonder what other people have in the drawer next to the sink? Now that would be a scary place to photograph here!