Thursday, March 30, 2006

One Great Week

I'm on a roll! I've had such a good week.

I passed my first test towards getting my CEBS, which means nothing to someone who isn't a big ole employee benefits geek like me but I'm excited.

My lab tests came back in the "normal" range for the first time. So now I have some claim on normal in my life. Normal health=good; Normal everything else=boring?

I went to LL registrations last night (the last one of the year woo hoo!) without enough kids signed up to field 8 teams, came home with enough kids. There were 5 of us running registrations and we were all busy all night!

Stayed up past my bedtime and caught up with paperwork for LL!

Have actually gotten some knitting done too!

I went out and had dinner (and cocktails) with my friend Kim a few weeks ago. I was carrying my newly finished Lucy Bag (this is the only picture I could find of a Lucy bag here). I don't know if it is because the women who create the Two Old Bag patterns are here in Minnesota or what, but all the knitters in these parts seem to have made a few. I'll post a picture of mine soon. (it's under my desk at work right now).
ANYHOW, Kim admired my bag. Having imbibed a couple of adult beverages I said, "I'll make you a bag!" I asked her what color and she, also having imbibed, pointed to her green tweedy sweater and said, "this color". I had just finished two Lucys in a matter of a couple of weeks and was Lucy'd out. So I found this pattern online. I'm making it in a heathered light green, with darker green for the accent tucks. The tucks are kind of a pain but I think that has to do with my tense type A knitting.

I'm hoping that I can finish it this week, felt it and concentrate on making a lining this weekend. I bought a funky cool fabric for the lining and a bright zipper too. The pattern doesn't call for lining, but Kim is a busy, stressed out elementary school teacher who throws a ton of stuff in her purse. I have never seen her carry a purse that didn't look like it was going to burst. I am also hoping that she will like the green. Being a stressed teacher, and being unusually stressed out that night, she was imbibing faster than I was. I don't know if she really wants the green or if it was the beer talking. Can you have beer goggles when it comes to being attracted to a color or a purse?

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