Thursday, March 16, 2006

Over Committed AGAIN!

I've signed on for the Sunrise Circle KAL and the Sexy Knitters Club Somewhat Cowl KAL. Plus I've got the &^%^$#%^(*& cotton sweater to finish. Sleeves for my cool jean jacket. My mohair shawl. I also have to whip up a poncho for my niece's birthday in the next month or so.

What have I done?! Why can't I achieve project monogamy? This is why I don't have an Olympic Gold Medal button. That and I can't figure out how to post and link buttons. Any advice (on any of the above) is welcome.

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Laura said...

OK, from the Original Project Polygamist, I am validating your need to be working on many things at once! It combats knitter boredom! It prevents repetitive motion injury by switching things up. Don't feel bad about project polygamy.

Posting buttons ... what you need to do is save the buttons to your own computer. Then upload them to a site like or They will give you a URL for each picture that you can then link to. On your template, decide where you want the button to be, and put in the some code that Blogger will not let me include in the comment! Gah! You can make the button operational by putting the code for a link before it, and adding the image instead of plain text.

If any of this makes no sense, email me and I will try to explain it better. Also, I could put the actual code in an email, I think. Then you could cut and paste and just add your button url's. I am actually a total HTML illiterate. Someone else explained it to me, too! :)