Friday, March 24, 2006

What I Discovered in My Stash Closet

I finished cleaning out my stash closet. I've got a huge bin of "what was I thinking" yarn (most from my acrylic crocheted afghan days) and everything else re-sorted neatly into bins. I collected yarn from all over the house and put it together. I found the missing Fantasy Natural and Kureyon.

Everything wool was already in plastic, sealed bins except for a project that was laying on the closet floor. Two balls of the softest Anny Blatt wool ever attached to the project. And wool moth larvae chewing away on it!!! It looked as though the yarn had been sliced with a knife, but on closer inspection, there they were chewing their ugly little yarn stealing heads off. The panic. The sick feeling in my stomach. The throwing away of the project (sob). UGH!!

The only other 100% wool that was not in a bin, but on a shelf, was 10 (yes count em 10) skeins of Brown Sheep Burly Spun It looks okay, no splits, no larvae. But how can I be sure? I've quarantined the Burly Spun. I've added cedar blocks to all the sealed plastic bins containing 100% wool. If you have stash all over the place in paper bags and baskets, check it. Save it before it's too late.

Here is the finished stash closet. Note the empty shelf!

Yes, this is only half the closet. Yes, I have the Burly Spun in a double secret quarantine location. I'm still pretty proud of myself. Plus, I obviously have room for more. My husband is pretty happy about not having to trip over bags of yarn in our shared walk in closet.

Here is the "what was I thinking" bin ready to be donated.
My understanding of wool moths (can you tell I'm obsessing here?!) is that they only attack pure wool. My Encore and Woolease is safe. I hope this is true because I just cannot justify making things for kids that can't be thrown in the wash. And as you know, I can only stand knitting with cotton for so long. So I need my wool blends to be safe from the little fiends.

Speaking of cotton, I brought the #$^&%&$ cotton sweater to my sister's last night. I was babysitting her two youngest because her oldest had a late hockey game. She admired my sweater and said "I want one". Before I knew what I was saying, (cue ominous music) I replied, "I've got this cotton yarn in another colorway, I'll make you one"!!! What was I thinking? I am now committed to the horrors of another cotton sweater.

And another. I found 15 skeins of a cotton/modal blend dk (it says it is worsted, but it's not) yarn in my stash reorganization yesterday. Each skein has 186 yards. That is more than enough for the Vintage Camisole and Picovoli, with 9 skeins left over!! How many light blue cotton tops can I knit? Any other suggestions would be more than welcome!!


Lynda said...

Hi, found you in Wendy's comments. I'm totally paranoid about moths - ever since my pashmina fell behind the couch and by the time I found it,... well, crying was involved. ALL my woolly yarn is now in ziplocs!!!

Chris said...

You send it was on the floor - do you think it was moths or carpet beetles??

Elspeth said...

How about Soleil? When I was working on mine I calculated I had enough Classic Elite Venue in my cone to knit 2.75 of them!

Helen said...

If you suspect some yarn may have been exposed to moths, you can put it in the freezer to kill any eggs which may have been laid. Put it in a ziploc bag first! That way, anything which may be hatching will be killed off and won't munch its way out from the middle of the ball.