Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yeah, I'm still out here

I'm just at a baseball park. That's where I spend all my time lately it seems. But I have my knitting with me.

And the award for the worst knitting picture goes to:

Kate's "Picovoli on My Leg" taken at 5:00 a.m.!!! At least you can see the salmony color. It is in Rowan Cashcotton DK. Much to my cottin' hatin' surprise, I actually enjoy knitting with this particular cotton yarn. Probably because it's only 35 percent cotton. Have I unlocked the secret to finding cotton I enjoy? Is it perhaps a significant lack of cotton? I'm also enjoying the process of knitting from the top down. The only change to the pattern was casting on a couple more stitches under the arms and after trying it on, I'm glad I did.

Remember way back when last winter when I bought the really long #0 needle because I was going to Magic Loop socks? Yes, I know it's amusing, we all know I'm never going to knit real socks. Anyway, the giant (yet teeny tiny) needle is perfect for slipping my stitches on to and trying on this top down sweater. Now I don't feel like I wasted 37 kajillion dollars on an Addi I will never use. Trying it on as you go is great. And since I seem to have "wide sides" I'm glad I casted on a couple (okay 4) extra stitches under each arm. I'm picky, picky about arm holes in shirts. I can't stand feeling like I can't move my arms and yet I hate it if my bra shows. (I'm in my forties. Bras are not optional even for us A cup girls) (Think Gwyneth in the lace chicken cutlet dress, yuck). The extra stitches made it perfect. I am only working on the waist decreases and I'm already thinking about my next Picovoli. It's going to have a split neckline 'cause us A cup girls can show a little chest without showing anything at all.

I like the whole top down thing so much that yesterday I ordered this: I'm hoping it will give me some good ideas at least. I've heard some of the patterns are a bit dated, but I'm willing to revise anything.

In other news, the lost skein has been found so to speak. Sue at Little Knits has been awesome! It turns out that the Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace I ordered came in and was the victim of a really bad dye job. Sue ended up having to return the shipment and I really appreciate that she didn't just unload the stuff on an unsuspecting online buyer. In fact, Little Knits is discontinuing the Lorna's Laces line and it is all on sale right now. I'm not sure what is left, but I purchased the last three skeins of Lion and Lamb in Black Purl. Yep, I'm finally going to clapotis. Picovoli, clapotis, could I be more behind in knitting trends? You've all knit these months ago and here I am just catching up. If you are a fan of Lorna's Laces go check out what Little Knits has left because it's going fast.

I'm going to send my One Skein SP the giant wool/llama skein I bought at Shepherd's Harvest. I'm hoping she'll like it, but I'll probably never know as she hasn't updated her blog in a month. I don't mean to complain because my pals have treated me wonderfully, but some how I got the "non-blogging" bloggers for pals. Neither of them have posted since May and I've never seen them post a picture. I thought regular blog updates were a pre-requisite for participation, but I guess not. So I won't know if they enjoy my gifts. Oh well. I shall give for the pure joy of giving. In other Pal news, I've been knitting with the Noro my OS SP sent me and I'm loving it.

Gotta run, I'm driving to a small town in Southern MN for an appointment today so I've got to get some office time in first.


renee said...

In a couple of the Secret Pal exchanges I've been in I've gotten slacker bloggers too, so I know what you mean. It's the pits to try to get to know someone and pick things out for them if they never blog!

Chris said...

Heh, I have that book but haven't read it. Maybe that should be one of my Summer Reading Program goals - read some of my knitting books instead of just leaving them to collect dust...

I know what you mean about swaps! My pal in the last swap I did rarely updates and never posts pictures. Sigh.

Sydney said...

I have that book too. I've gotten some good tips out of it. The value isn't so much the patterns but the techniques. One of the best ones was knitting set in sleeves from the top down. It took a while to wrap my brain around it, but once I did, I liked it.

Kelly said...

Let us know what you think of the book. I have been thinking about buying it as well.

laurie said...

mmmm... Rowan cashcotton! It's beautiful.

Just a little hello :) Hope you are doing well!

Laura said...

I agree with you ... I like knitting with cotton as long as it's mostly something else.