Tuesday, June 20, 2006

To Do

I've added this to my vast unpublished knitting to-do list. No one needs to ask me twice to felt a bag. Last week I left a comment for someone that if I actually wrote down my knitting to-do list I'd probably finally have the gapper (to those of you that never worked with the crazy people I did for 15 years, thats the heart attack) and never get to knit everything.

Fire up the paddles people I'm gonna try it.

  1. Another top down kids poncho for my niece's birthday. I have until July 1st to do this one. I can't even tell ya how tired I am of this pattern. I've done two already this year. Enough already, but when the kids say, "I want one too" I have to power to refuse them.
  2. Karabella cardigan I have the pattern, I have the yarn, just haven't done it.
  3. Finish the Sunrise Circle jacket.
  4. Finish the Vintage Cami. This one is not getting done until the cotton pain in my arm subsides. Yes, the Rowan Cashcotton has been better, but I'm still sore.
  5. Another Picovoli in the Paton's Katrina I bought last week but with a pattern stitch and a split neckline. Does this still qualify as a Picovoli?
  6. Fuzzy feet for my little league pals.
  7. Sleeping socks for my dad
  8. Slippers for my husband
  9. Scarf for MFF
  10. Cha Cha Cha bag that I bought a kit for at Shepherd's Harvest Okay, I'm experiencing shortness of breath now.
  11. 3 more Odessa's for kids Christmas presents
  12. Finish the shawl I started for my mother in law for her Christmas present.
  13. If I knit stuff for everyone else and don't knit something for my mother for Christmas it will not be good.
  14. Someday my Orangina will come from Discount Yarn.com. Someday. In my lifetime hopefully.
  15. Clapotis. How could I forget the Clapotis?!
  16. The sleeves for the jean jacket. Chest pains.
  17. Baby sweater for my friend B-Donny's first child, due in September.
  18. Weasleys for my two little nephews for Christmas.
  19. Finish my Burly Spun cardigan. This is just ridiculous. The yarn is huge, the back and both fronts are done. What the hell am I doing?!
  20. One Skein project for my One Skein Secret Pal.

I can't go on. Bring on the AED. Okay, here is the sad and wacky part (don't tell my husband this one, you are now officially sworn to secrecy) (no I mean it, pinky swear now) I HAVE THE YARN FOR ALL OF THESE PROJECTS. Yikes!

I'm going to make a bold move. A move that may be the end of me. A move that will require many glasses of wine and margaritas from a jug. (Have you tried the big jug of pre-mixed margaritas that that crazy lil' Jose Cuervo is selling. Yum). I'm declaring a yarn diet. No new yarn until Labor Day. I'm sorry Yarn Cafe. I hope that you can stay afloat without me buying tons of yarn all summer, but I have to cut myself off before everyone gets together and I find myself crying on A&E in an episode of "Intervention".


Sydney said...

I think my knitting to do list is probably about that long too, except I don't have the yarn for everything I want to do.

Chris said...

More power to you on the yarn diet.

Dang, that is a long to-do list...

Laura said...

Whoa. That's a list. Mine is super long, too, but I tend to keep adding things to it. Things for which I will have to buy yarn.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. You really got me thinking. I'm very afraid to write down my knitting "to-do" list. Since I can't remember more than two or three projects at a time, I'm blissfully ignorant to the actual size of the list. But, I won't forget to make something for my One Skein Secret Pal. BTW - I believe I have more than enough yarn for everything on my list with some left over. Your OS Secret Pal.

Susan said...

Whew! That is one seriously honking long list.

Hope you make it through it - My list is just to knit up all my sock yarn.

Trying to keep from buying more yarn too.

Maybe it is a summer thing?