Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yes, this criminal is wanted by long arm of the law.

Note the casual, if not smug, disdain she displays. Anyone can see how threatening she is.

The police have been here three times in the last 10 days because someone in the neighborhood has complained about barking. The thing is that we don't leave her outside unattended. We have a fenced yard. She is inside when we are not home. Good lord, she's in her kennel inside when we aren't at home. Otherwise, she'd eat the furniture. Each time the cops have pointed out that we aren't in violation of any City ordinance. One of the visits was when we were away and she was inside. The police really don't need their time wasted like this, but they've been pretty nice about it.

My husband is furious. My dog is sleeping with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, oblivious to her status as a criminal.

Meanwhile, Renee is encouraging me to fall off the wagon already. It doesn't count as a yarn purchase if it's $1 a skein. I'm off to Petters tomorrow.


renee said...

Such a cute picture!!

One of my neighbors called animal control about Finbar once and I was paranoid about barking ever since. There are about a million dogs in my neighborhood and I can't believe someone called about mine. I will admit that I did leave him unattended in the backyard before that, but once that happened, I never let him or Fiona once I got her back there without me being back there with them. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that! Some people just shouldn't live in the city, with the rest of us!

Chris said...

Do you think she's actually barking or do you just have psycho neighbors??

Kelly said...

I have never really understood the call the cops of a dog thing. Three times in a week, seems like an over kill. Neighbors!

Sydney said...

That seems so strange. I don't think I'd ever call the cops over a barking dog, much less three times in a week.

shrimpfriedrice said...

No, you usually don't BOTHER the police. You speak with your neighbor. Poor guy . . . he looks harmless.