Saturday, June 17, 2006

Out and About

Not very far from home. Last night my sister and her 4 year-old daughter joined my son and I for dinner at the local bar and grill. When we were preparing to leave, I asked them if they would be embarrassed if I brought my knitting. They both looked at me and laughed. My son told me that I take my knitting everywhere and why am I asking him if it's embarrassing NOW. So needless to say, Picovoli joined us at TGI Fridays. My niece was very well behaved for a 4 year old and was very excited about the "cup of dirt" she had for dessert. It was chocolate pudding, mixed up with gummy worms, and sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumbs. So at least she has something to tell her older brothers, who abandoned her to go fishing with dad this weekend.

I've been at the ballpark all day. Our league is still hosting the town tourney, it finally ends tomorrow. The kids have a great time but it's a lot of work. Plus the humidity was about 110% today so we were all hot and uncomfortable. We sold a lot of slushies at the concession stand today. See the heat makes everyone tired!

No, big fat kitty is not floating, he's laying on my son's dark brown bedspread. The BHFH pookie schmoo, Maxine Louise tends to just lay down and relax in the heat.

I know it seems like I do nothing but buy yarn, but remember the great sale Little Knits was having on Lorna's? I had to get some Lion and Lamb to knit a Clapotis, and it arrived yesterday. It is gorgeous. I love it. Sue enclosed a note and she sent it priority mail at no charge! Thank you so much Sue. She has more than made up for the Helen's Lace snafu and has a customer for life.

And finally (hopefully) the last wip pic of Picovoli. She should be done tomorrow. One of the kids at the ballpark asked me what I was knitting today.

Me: a sweater for myself.

Little Baseball Player: That will take like five years!!!

Me: I started this thing last Saturday bucko. Five years or this weekend?

You be the judge.


Sydney said...

LOL! The cat and the dog have almost the exact same pose.

Your picovoli is looking good. I'm going to make one. I just need to sit down and decide what size to make.

Jennifer said...

Wow - I love the story and the sweater. Primogeniture now tells everyone "My mom is obsessed with knitting" as if any explanation was needed. I think I'm going to knit a picovoli, too. I have some great yarn and it looks so comfy.

Chris said...

Heh, get them indoctrinated and then ask for permission - great plan!

Oh, I think you might finish this weekend - go go go go!!

I hid out in the air conditioning yesterday, so Chaos (who spends much of the summer looking like your levitating cat) was very lively!