Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Button Button, whose got the button?

Yeah, I do. Yesterday Christy, who runs the Minnesota Knitters webring taught me how to put buttons on my sidebar! Christy is younger and techier than I and explained it in a way that I actually understood. And I'm not stealing bandwidth either. (And I actually know what that means) I still haven't figured out the code so that links come up in a new window (baby steps people, baby steps) but I'm feeling pretty good right now.

So now, of course, because I'm greedy girl I want my own button. It goes without saying that I could not possibly create my own. I lack the fundamental skills needed for that one. So I need to find a way to induce another knit blogger to make me a button. TCOTF proved that a lot of you will do anything for a good expensive skein of sock yarn. Or maybe one of the cool t-shirts from Urban Yarns. There isn't a picture of it at their site but there is one on Lauren's blog right now. Anyone up for a Can't You See I'm Knitting Here?! button?

Postscript on TCOTF. I still have never cleaned the cupboard over the fridge out. Still the same useless weird stuff in there.
Postscript on Secret Pal. Thanks for all your suggestions. I found some really good stuff for my pals by bargain hunting this weekend.


Gwen said...

I'm still futzing along through trial and error with the button stuff. Sometime I'll make time to learn to do it right! Love Minneapolis. My son works in Minn. & moving from Uptown to St. Paul in a couple of weeks. Tips on yarn shops to see when I'm in town?

Chris said...

Ack - I need a button, too! :)

It's easy to get them to open in a new window, but blogger won't let me leave the code in a comment - send me an email and I'll give you a sample.

Kelly said...

I have no idea what stealing bandwidth is. I hope I am not doing it.