Friday, February 24, 2006

Lazy, Bad Blogger

It's been a busy week. Today I turned around and noticed it's Friday. And I haven't blogged for four days. Bad Blogger. Bad, Bad, Blogger! (I know you can't tell, but I'm saying that in my "Maxine, get down from that table right now" voice.)

Even in my busy state I've learned some things about knitting this week.

Addis are not impervious to Basset Hound from Hell (BHFH) teeth

Slipped stitches are harder to pick up and retrieve when covered in BHFH drool

BHs FH prefer the good stuff. They like nice wool. They love nice wool mixed with silk and/or cashmere

You wouldn't think I would have to spend this much time chasing a dog that is only 5 inches off the ground. How she manages to get up on tables, counters, etc is oompletely beyond me.


Christine (knitting for boozehags) said...

dude, you post ALOT more than I do! Don't feel bad!

djking said...

I think my granddoggers look absolutely silly dressed up. My god they are dogs, savage beasts domesticated to protect and serve!
I don't knit but it was interesting reading and your mother enjoyed it too.