Saturday, February 11, 2006

If at first you don't succeed. .

Okay, I tried this before with absolutely no success. I'm trying this blog stuff one more time and we'll see if it takes. I'm on my way to my lys. I don't know why. I am working on my Knitting Olympics project so it's not as if I can start anything else right now. But I haven't bought any yarn for three weeks and I need a fix. I'll be right back.

Did I mention that my New Year's resolution was to knit from my stash? Did I mention my lys serves alcohol? How am I supposed to refrain from buying yarn if they are going to serve me wine!?! I did pretty well though. I bought 4 balls of Rowan Cashsoft Aran and a ball of sock yarn.

The Rowan is for a double knit hat for my 13 year old son. Because everyone knows how responsible 13 year old boys are. He absolutely needs a cashmere blend hat that he will lose or leave in his locker. No more wine at the lys.

I bought plain gray sock yarn. I've never actually knit socks before. Never felt a need to knit them. However, spending time in the knitting blog universe has created a need to knit socks. I'm not so delusional (yet) as to think I will ever wear neon bright striped socks though. Hence the gray. Doesn't it seem moderate and rational that way?

My Knitting Olympics project is from my stash. Okay, it's from my stash in that I ordered the yarn prior to the first of the year. That counts, right? I was forced into this purchase by the people at Lion Brand yarn. They discontinued Kool Wool, which I loved beyond reason. So when I found it on clearance! clearance! clearance! I had to buy a few skeins. Or 80 skeins. 20 of 4 different colors. If I don't have enough for a sweater, I don't have enough.

My KO project is the Einstein coat from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch. It has about 87 billion stitches and I have 16 days. I better get more of that wine.

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