Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let the Swatching Begin!

Okay. I may have some winners on my hands. If you haven't shopped at the Garter Belt, let me tell ya, you are missing out.

  1. They have patterns designed by independent knitters, not knitters who have been commissioned by the yarn company to design a sweater that will sell skeins of yarn.
  2. The patterns are wearable and functional. I love the free patterns at the online mags, don't get me wrong, but I'm 42 years old. My need/desire for kitchy wristbands, dolls, and to-go-coffee cozies is pretty limited.
  3. The patterns range from fitted sexy tanks to weekend sweaters to sweaters a teenage boy would actually wear.
  4. You buy the patterns online and download them via PDF. This is how all online pattern purchases should be.

So that's my rant on the Garter Belt. This weekend I ordered these: Hyde Park Pullover because it is a textured turtleneck, knit in the round from the top down with worsted weight yarn thus meeting all of my criteria. I also bought this Adirondack pullover. It says unisex and quite honestly after gaining 9 pounds (a combo of my Graves disease getting over medicated and quitting smoking) I could use a nice big comfy sweater that doesn't show my now pervasive muffin top. (I've discovered another clever cure for muffin top that I will share tomorrow). The Adirondack is knit top-down in the round as well.

I'm going to buy this one as well, because it has a nice size range and might be a good sweater to knit for my nephews.

So I best get swatchin'. But I'm awfully busy making more towels. Here is my "diner towel" so far. Trek this is for you.

As you can see, although still struggling with the schneezle weezles, (yeah it's a medical term) Al is feeling well enough to resume his duties as head yarn inspector.


Chris said...

That towel is very cool!! Glad to hear that Al is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Great sweater choices; I especially like the Adirondack.

Happy to hear your head yarn inspector is back on the job :)

Guinifer said...

I forgot about the Garter Belt - I have a couple of their patterns in my "must knit" pile too.

Anonymous said...

I really like their designs and the fact that the download process is so easy. I bought Sizzle this summer and have made it several times. Good luck and feel better soon.