Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Faux Finished

First let me apologize for the pictures. I don't take good pictures. Mostly because I just don't take the time to bother taking good pictures. And I think I could use a new digital camera. Anyhow, I've got pictures.

Here is the little hat I made with Misti alpaca as a swatch for this faux cable stitch. I like the faux. When faux finishing walls was all the rage, I was right there. Armed with plastic bags, sponges, and damp rags, glazed with gusto. Some of them looked awesome, some turned out to be "do overs". I love faux jewels too. Give me big ol' sparkly czs anytime. I have an aunt who loves them because lab created jewels don't mess with the enviroment. I just like them because I'm cheap and practical. I'd rather have new granite countertops than a big diamond ring. And now, of course, my hair is now faux. Maybe a picture of that tomorrow. I hate posting pictures of myself.

Faux cables are a good thing. Since it is just basically 2x2 rib with the knits twisted every three rows, it can be substituted for any other 2x2 rib. At least I think it can. I can't think of a reason it can't. The back side looks like plain old ribbing so it would probably be a good scarf pattern too. I will recover from the current faux obsession eventually. I got over the towel thing and the tweed stitch. Someday I might even get over Fuzzyfeet. Or not.

And finally, pictures of my organizing work this weekend.

Yeah, I know this doesn't look like hours worth of work, but there are 10 boxes of magazines. I may need a knitting magazine/book intervention.


Chris said...

The hat looks great!! Hee hee - you're only a step or two away from some fine traveling stitches now...

Isn't it satisfying to get your stuff organized??

Anonymous said...

I love the faux cables and the hat is gorgeous!

I could probably use a knitting magazine/book intervention as well :)

Kelly said...

Great hat! Hey good job organizing as well. I think it is very important to reference material on hand.

Beth said...

You may hate posting pictures of yourself, but we like seeing pictures of you! :) I really like the hat you knitted.

Guinifer said...

Don't you just love The Organizing?

I really like the hat.