Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

Wow. When we last met, I was just changing jobs, trying to lose some weight, etc. Here are the highlights. I promise to go into detail in later postings.

I started walking about 18 months ago, but last August I decided I needed to take it to the next level and (cue scary music) joined a gym. I have been working my ass off and have not lost a single solitary pound. Last week, my endocrinologist (or more accurately her handy maternity-leave substitute) took my scale away and told me to stay off of it for the next couple of months. Meanwhile I have spent the last several months driving everyone around me crazy talking about endorphins and lean proteins. I'm not sure but I think I'm allowed to legally shoot the next person who tells me that muscle weighs more than fat.

My job is going great although I'm not selling as much as I had hoped. My manager is helping me out by adding Colorado to my territory but that means I am in Denver 1 week each month. Great for business not so much the mother, daughter, sister, wife gig. But count on travel stories in our future.

My kid is 16. He is driving, shaving, and kissing girls. He is taller than me. Sometimes he has nothing to say to me, sometimes he tells me so much that I am looking for the "eject" button. I cried in the Target parking lot the day I had to buy him his first electric razor. He likes me to travel because then he has a car to use. Basically, he'd trade me for a used Honda.

Miss Moo, my beloved basset hound, is just as insane as ever and we are still best girl friends. She still thinks that this is her blog and since most people identify it with her, I can't really blame her.

I do still knit constantly. I can't be held accountable if some miscellaneous knitting talk slips in here. Right now I'm working on an ear flap hat for my snowboarder friend/colleague in Denver. My son says that all my hats are cool looking but not warm enough so I'm making this one a little large and then felting it a tiny bit so that it will be warmer. I've got plenty of time since I'm not back to Denver for three weeks, plus I'm just lying around trying to get rid of this cold.

I should have called the Guinness Book people first thing this morning because I'm pretty sure I could have gotten the record for blowing my nose the in one day. I'm at about 8 million times now. My nose feels like it might fall off. I'm taking a conservative approach to treatment as I am not all that crazy about taking drugs so I'm on a strict chardonnay and dark chocolate plan. I don't know what it is doing medically, but I feel better.

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Chris said...

Your cold treatment sounds like mine - dark chocolate, almonds, and beer. ;)

Lot of traveling - but hey, Denver! Love Denver. Lots of very nice knitters in Denver and the surrounding area. Maybe you can swing the Estes Park Fiber Festival in June....