Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So Much Mucus

You know the really sad part, it I think I might have named a past post, So Much Mucus. That is my very snotty life I guess.

I am still trying to get rid of the last of my hideous mucus from the cold from hell. Which I would not have if my son was not kissing girls and bringing home, "girl germs no backs". Don't get me wrong I think his girl friend is adorable, and may well be better than he deserves, but I still don't want to have a mucus-y cold.

I have been continuing on my hat project, but I'm now concerned that the black with rainbow theme could be construed as juvenile, or gay. I'm okay with whimsically young at heart OR gay, but my male friend, Jeff in Denver, may not as he is neither whimsical nor gay.

So this month, February the shortest month of the year, I am in Connecticut one week and Denver another. So half of the month I will be on the road, This means of course that I will be blogging from the road and when I am unable to blog, Maxine Louise, basset hound from hell, will be blog-dogging in my absence.

So who else is watching, "Top Chef"? I just do not get the Leah/Hosea thing. My friend Becky would say, "Isn't it nice when dorks find each other?" but these two are driving me nuts. And can Leah please stop talking baby-talk? Seriously who does this? She keeps talking about how her mother doesn't want her to look like an idiot on t.v. and then baby-talks. Huh?

I missed all the great Super Bowl commercials, so if anyone can point me to a great resource to watch them online, please send me a link. I was flipping channels and I have to admit I watched a whole lot of the "Puppy Bowl".

So those are all my random mucus-y thoughts. When I am less mucus-y I will elaborate on my travels, dogs, fight with the State of Minnesota, random illness stuff, and knitting. But right now, in my current mucus-y state, this is all I've got.


Sheepish Annie said...

Try Hulu. I think I saw some of the commercials listed there. And if you don't find commercials, they have pretty much everything else. Great for travel!

Chris said...

I hope you're feeling better!