Friday, October 13, 2006

A Rather Blustery Day

I've been up on and off all night. The wind has been blowing so hard that the rocking chair on our deck has been rocking. Unfortunately the deck is attached to the wall by our bedroom so all night long it sounded like people were walking around on our deck. Of course our crack team of watch dogs was snoring soundly (while trying to push me off the bed and stealing the blankets) and I was wide awake. Finally at about 3:30, I woke my husband and made him check out the noises. This prompted instant action on the part of the watch dog team. They jumped up and moved to the warm spot on the bed he had left and went back to sleep. At least I got my blankets back. So if my writing seems groggy today, it is.

It should be a terrific day though. As the firm made our 3rd quarter financial goals the managing director has declared that we may wear "smart" outfits with jeans on Fridays for the remainder of the month. There has been considerable discussion around the office about a)what constitutes smart and who will be the judge; b)when we became English without anyone telling us. Okay our resident managing director's boss is English, an import from the London office, and he may be influencing things. Smart or professional I don't care, I'm just happy to get the chance to wear jeans. It's so much easier. There is much less outfit coordination involved in jeans. Men don't entirely understand this, but it's true. Everything goes with jeans. Including this:

It's my $9 cardigan! I finally got it blocked and sewed on a button. Plus it's certainly cold enough to wear it today so wear it I will. Just to refresh everyone's memory, I bought the yarn for this when visiting my parents in SD back in August. The JoAnn at their mall was going out of business and clearancing everything. The yarn was 80% off and cost a total of $9, hence the $9 cardigan. The yarn is bulky and has a little shine to it. I used this top down pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple bought from Jimmy Beans. I really like their patterns. Most are top down and they are well written and easy to follow.

Gotta run and load up on coffee. Tonight I have my first dance class. I haven't taken one in 15 years so I will probably be hobbling around stiff and sore tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.


Beth said...

Brrr! Your weather pixie girl shows it's 36F there right now. Your sweater turned out very nice!

Speaking of dogs, aren't we due for another dog picture soon? :)

Guinifer said...

oooo - I bet that sweater looks great with a white tee shirt and a paif of dark jeans!

renee said...

The sweater looks fantastic!

Chris said...

It's a really cute cardi! Love the jeans thing re: my job - it's one of the reasons I stick around there.

Hopefully you get more sleep tonight!

Debby said...

Your dogs sound like my cats!

The cardi is very pretty -- I like all the blue tones. Hope you are not too sore from your class.

Sheepish Annie said...

That's weird...I had terrible insomnia last night as well. No real reason, perhaps I was having sympathy pains for you or something!

Love, love love the cardi...great work. And a great price!

Chris said...

Got the package yesterday and LOVED it - thanks!!!

Wendy said...

Cute cardi! I've never done a top down garment. What kind of dance class?