Monday, October 02, 2006

And He Confesses!!!

So in case you didn't read my comments here is one from Anonymous:

And I would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for your meddling blogsters and your stupid dog too!!! Oh, wait, that was for when I was secretly revealed as Captain Cutler, The Black Night Ghost, or Miner 49er. Easy on the "respectable citizen" stuff, I have a reputation to keep poor. So it's true, I am RC. For you regular blog readers, I am Kate and Susan's blacksheep brother. The sibling who smokes cigars, gambles and swears. Well, the one who smokes cigars, gambles and swears but doesn't knit. At least Susan is respectable. Occasionally I've been known to wear a purse on my head and walk like the monkeys from Oz. On a more interesting note, today is Kate's birthday!!!! You can see from her pictures she has posted that she looks much younger than her 49 years. The next one will be THE BIG 50!! Happy Birthday big sister!!! Stay tuned for future comments, including "10 things you didn't know about Kate".He He He He He Dave

I'm a little afraid about the "10 Things You Didn't Know About Kate". Okay I'm very afraid. And I will have it known that I am actually 42 today. He's 10 years younger, so if I were 49, that would make his next birthday 40. So don't push my age along. And it just so happens I gave up cigars after a really bad incident involving duty-free Irish whiskey and cuban cigars. (there is no worse hangover. you're just praying to die)

So mystery solved but I may have opened a giant sized can of worms.


Kaye said...

He sounds like a fun, great brother!
I can't wait for the 10 things....kind of fun to have a commentor that knows you so well!

Happy Birthday!!!!
Have a great week Kate!

Chris said...

Hmm, looking forward to the 10 things... :)

Did you get my email with the address??

renee said...

Happy Birthday!! I'd love to buy you a birthday drink!

Guinifer said...

Awww, he's kinda cute!

For a little brother anyway - I have one of those as well.

Beth said...

Happy birthday! Here's to a good year, full of knitting and blogging!

Sheepish Annie said...

I do loves me a good sibling free-for-all! Have at it!!!

Happy birthday and many more!

The good sister said...

Doesn't Dave read your blog?? Reference April 15 "100 things about me". What's left? Okay, anything left we SHOULD NOT say on the blog. I think mom reads this...