Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday, Monday

Just today I wish I worked for the government. My dad did for 30+ years and always had Columbus Day off. No one who lives here in Little Scandanavia actually believes Columbus discovered the U.S., but it's still a national holiday. Couldn't they re-designate this day for someone who accomplished something more significant for our country? Susan B. Anthony or Thomas Edison or Lewis & Clark or even Martin & Lewis Day? I don't mean to downplay the accomplishment of introducing small pox to the natives of the Cayman Islands, but it seems like there are a whole lot of people (and there are no national holidays designated for a woman) who have made a bigger contribution than Columbus.

Anyway, I could use another day to get some stuff done. I got some things done around the house this weekend. All four bathrooms are clean and dusting was done. I spent lots of quality time with my son. All the laundry is done. I finished a square for Grandma Purl and I hope to finish another tonight. But I still have a ton of deadline knitting to do and I have to get packages ready to mail. I'm still feeling behind.

Yesterday I visited Borders to see if I could find a copy of Wrap Style. I keep seeing posts of the Shetland Triangle and I think I have to try it. I like that it is worked from the wide end down to the point. I think this is one I can do. I was in front of the knitting magazines and made a comment about the cover of Knit Scene to the woman crouched next to me. Turns out she's a knitter too. So fifteen minutes of conversation later we had exchanged the names of our favorite pattern websites, yarn shops, and books. Talked about why our puppies want our yarn and gotten to know each other a bit. I've never had a hobby that seems to bond people like knitting does. The knitting community is a weird and wonderful thing.

I have to run. Monday morning sales meeting. Happy fill in the blank Day. Whose day should this be?


Laura said...

you should definitely find yourself a copy of WS and make the shetland triangle. it is a great project!

when i started knitting again, i quickly realized that i would never have to be bored again, that it would be a passion that would occupy me for a lifetime. but i never guessed that taking up knitting would give me the opportunity to make so many wonderful friends. what a bonus! :)

if we're looking for a woman to celebrate today, i'm going to suggest my childhood hero, Jane Addams.

Zarah said...

How about a famous knitter? Happy Zimmerman Day!

Sydney said...

I've been admiring the Shetland Triangles on the blogs too. I may have to get that book.

Maybe we should go with Holiday 1, Holiday 2, Holiday... etc.

Kelly said...

In an interesting note. It is also Lief Erickson day as well.

Chris said...

That sounds like a fun and serendipitous connection!!

I hear ya on the Columbus Day thing.

Beth said...

I've wondered about the whole Columbus thing, too. Maybe Vespucci Day would be more appropriate.

Linda @ Yarnzilla said...

Hi, Kate! I'm a moron -- my rep appts are next week, not this week. I'll be manning the shop all day Thurs. and Fri. if you feel like stopping in. Looking forward to seeing you! : ))

Linda @ Yarnzilla