Friday, April 03, 2009

This Week's Absurdity

So yesterday I had the "Today" show on while getting ready for work and they were showing a segment on planning your own funeral. Meredith was interviewing two women who wrote a book, "Grave Expectations" because they felt that the funerals they had been to recently were dull. Hey, I'm all for putting the fun back in funeral but one of their suggestions really threw me. Gift bags. Huh? Gift bags at a funeral? Have we really become so materialistic that we expect swag at funerals?

What the hell what you put in a funeral swag bag? I want the goodies handed out at my funeral to reflect my personality so I've come up with some ideas.

  • hand sanitizer
  • a ball of nice wool yarn
  • WWKY bracelets (What Would Kate Yell, do they not make these? They should)
  • A small bottle of really good vodka or mediocre chardonnay
  • a small bird figurine denoting my irrational fear of flying animals
  • a t-shirt that reads, "I didn't off Kate" (now that I'm a non-smoker we don't know for sure how I'll go)
I see by an RC comment that my family is lurking out there. I'm sure they'll have their own suggestions. Funeral gift bags, as my grandpa King woulda said, "sheesh".


Anonymous said...

So we can get drunk and where funny t shirts at your funeral? You'll probably outlive me so I'll miss it. How about a T-shirt that says "I brought a shovel, who brought the lime?" or "A tisket, a tasket, Kate is in the casket! Kate's funeral world tour (year)" Preferably in happy rainbow colors. I love you and I don't want to talk about your death anymore, but that stuff is plain 'ol funny. RC

Jennifer said...

omg - this is very funny! Coming up with some funeral swag ideas might be a good exercise in self-reflection. I think I just might give it a try myself ;)