Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Now I'm on Facebook

Last Tuesday I had lunch with my oldest friend, Kate. Yes, we have the same name. It was very confusing to people when we were 9 but we've worked it out over the last 35 years and we are good with it. Take a moment to process and join us again. Ready? Okay, so we had lunch and she told me that she is on facebook and that I should join to because many of our friends from high school are there and I would find it interesting. 'kay.

So I have joined facebook and I have to tell you I'm struggling. Without hiding behind the pretense of a "knitting" blog or community I've really got nothing but random thoughts, most of which would offend at least half the population. So far I've mouthed off about how I don't think smoking is the scourge of society and how we need to stop picking on people who aren't a size 6. So I'm figuring give this facebook thing 6 months (at the outside) and I'll be asked to leave.

So what about the knitting? I'm knitting. I'm knitting plenty baby. I'm working on yet another pair of clog slippers. I'm knitting a sweater for my niece for her birthday. I'm knitting a couple of sweaters for me.

Not one of my "friends" on facebook seem to be all that interested in yarn and knitting. And I must admit, I look at this as a character flaw. I mean seriously, do they not enjoy fondling yarn? HAVE THEY FREAKING TRIED IT?

How can they really be friends? Really.


Chris said...

Better send them over to Ravelry. ;)

Anonymous said...

Facebook? Really? Those people that aren't into knitting, you could send them a note after homeroom with a message like "I'm a knitter, do you still like me? Check yes or no." Cause most people on facebook, you could be, like, thier mother. If you bust out your leg warmers and 80's bangs I am going to be really concerned. Stop that, step away from your Adam Ant CD. Just put it in the rack and back away slowly. Good...Good...