Monday, April 09, 2007


Okay, if you are easily offended, look away. This morning in our staff meeting there was a lot of discussion about an event that we are hosting this week. I've been in charge of the planning and execution of the event, so I was a little worried that someone was going to try tossing something new on my plate concerning this soiree. I was right to worry. My boss, really the nicest guy in the world, says "why don't we all wear ribbons on our lapels so that people know that they can come to us for questions." Sounded like a great idea and once again leaving the filter between my brain and mouth off, I said "sure, I can do that!".

Later this afternoon I realized I've never made one of these ribbons. I googled charity ribbon and came across a site that had me in stitches the remainder of the day (PREPARE TO BE OFFENDED NOW). I'm all for supporting charities, causes, having opinions but honest to God, I had no idea that just about every cause now has a ribbon. Here are some examples that had me laughing like an idiot at my desk (I'm sure people heard me laughing alone in my office and are figuring that I have finally gone around the bend).

Did you know?
  1. Orange ribbons are for feral cats? I don't know if they are for or against exactly. . .
  2. Silver ribbons-elderly abuse. That's all it says elderly abuse. I've gotta say I am against elderly abuse although my dad would argue this (he can dish it out but he can't take it now that he's old)
  3. Teal is for a variety of things including sexual assault and food allergies. So now if I see someone wearing a teal ribbon I'm going to wonder if they are the victim of a horrible and violent crime, or just lactose intolerant (not that lactose intolerance sounds like a picnic or anything)
  4. Purple represents domestic violence (against), religious tolerance (for), and Pagan Pride. I did not know that there are a lot of Pagan Pride activists out there, but I certainly am hoping for an invite to their next big rally.
  5. My personal favorite: Black: mourning, melanoma, anti-gangs, anti-terrorism in Spain, narcolepsy, POW-MIAs, primary billiary cirrhosis, and Amish support.

Number 5 has left my husband in a quandry. He's for Amish Gangs with narcolepsy.


Carrie said...

Wow, how can you even begin to choose? ;-)
My favorite are the cars that have all colors of ribbons plastered all over them.
What next? Neon green for save the acrylic?

sydney said...

We'll have to go for striped ribbons. Orange and teal ribbons for feral cats with food allergies. ;)

Chris said...

Oh, love Sydney's idea! Marketing opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Well I now know better than to sip my OJ while reading your blog;) I thought I could hold it together but the Amish gangs with narcolepsy got me.

Guinifer said...

So - just curious - what color did you go for?

Amy said...

Thank goodness I'm out of coffee, or I'd have spewed it all over my desk! I'm with your husband. What a terrible choice.

Anonymous said...

You could start a ribbon war!!! The narcoleptic amish gangs could begin killing all the feral cats!! Wait, that would be a good thing. We should all kill a feral cat. Actually, Sydney's suggestion of striped ribbons got me thinking of all the possible combinations. The purple-silver combination of Pagans against elder abuse for example. I'm picturing a bunch of Goth kids walking old people across intersections, or a cult leader looking fellow giving a long public speech to a large assembly of pagans, railing against the horrors of elder abuse, the need for criminal background checks for nursing home workers, etc etc, followed up with "Ok, let's sacrifice that goat!"

KnitNana said...

And Lavender (a variation of PURPLE you see) is for Lupus, white for lung cancer....we could go on.
I'm all for raising awareness, but when you can't remember what color ribbon you're supposed to wear, how much awareness gets raised?
(I laughed out loud at your post! About 6 months ago, I found the page you're refering to...and was befuddled and amazed!)
Thank you for visiting my blog!